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Foldable Wheelchairs




The Air Hawk Eagle HD Electra 7 HD Wide Falcon / Recline Attendant-Controlled
Only 41 Lbs Only 50 Lbs Only 50 Lbs Only 50 Lbs Only 41 Lbs
265 lb Capacity 400 lb Capacity 400 lb Capacity 400 lb Capacity 265 lb Capacity

16" Wide Seat

19" Wide Seat 21" Wide Seat 19" Wide Seat

16" Wide Seat


L247 N211 N246 N421 N424


N451 N472 N473 N480 L405


P101 P171 P181 P182 P183


L222 L810 Genesis 802DY Ergo Flight


Ergo Light Ergo Flight Q-Heavy Duty Jazzy Passport AH Electric Stroller


KM-5000F KM-5000-TP L223 LT-980 LT-770Q


XO-404 LT-K5 MVP-502-MS MVP-502 S-115


Ergo105 Ergo106 Ergo115 Ergo125 Ergo305


Ergo ATX T-920 VIP 515 VIP-515 M45






Foldable Portable Power Wheelchairs











Discover Your Mobility specializes in foldable power wheelchairs and is home to the Air Hawk folding power wheelchair that is the worlds lightest portable foldable electric wheelchair in the world. Discover Your Mobility is also credited for both the Eagle Hd folding electric bar iatric power wheelchair it to is the worlds lightest bar iatric battery powered power wheelchair in the world. Lastly the 21 inch wide Electra 7 foldable heavy duty battery powered electric wheelchair weighing only 50 pounds with a weight capacity of 400 pounds.






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