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Portable Folding Power All Terrain Sports Bath Bariatric




Oracle Super Light Power Wheelchair



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The Oracle Lightweight Foldable Power Wheelchair Is Easily One Of The Worlds Lightest Power Wheelchairs. Weighting A Mere 41 Lbs.


The Oracle Is Equipped With Large Rear Tires Delivering A Smooth Ride Even When On Rough Surfaces. The Large Rear Tires Also Allow It To Travel Over Grass, Gravel, Pavers & Rough Outdoor Terrain. The Oracle Is Made Of A Lightweight Aircraft Quality Aluminum Providing A Weight Capacity Of 265 Lbs


The Oracle Folds Up In To A Compact Space of  8" Wide X 21.6" High X 27.1" Wide Allowing It To Fit In The Trunk Of Any Car, Van or SUV.


Large 12" Solid Flat Free Rear Tires Give Users A Strong Peace Of Mind Knowing They Will Never Get A Flat Tire. The Large Tires Also Provide Lots Of Traction And A Smooth Ride Even On Rough Terrain Like Gravel, Brick Roads, Cracks And The Anti Tip Wheels Give Users A Extra Sense Of Security As They Prevent The Oracle From Flipping Back..


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The Oracle Is Equipped With Two 250 Watt Motors. That's 500 Watts of Power Giving The Oracle The Ability To Take A 265 Pound User Up Hills & Inclines And Over Difficult Terrain With Plenty Of Power To Spare.




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With Three Determined Engineers And The Newly Developed Lightweight Aluminum Alloy. We Give You The Oracle Foldable Power Wheelchair. The Oracle Weights Only 41 Pounds Without Battery.


The Oracle Will Go In Reverse And Is One Of The Fastest Lightweight Portable Wheelchairs Made With A Top Speed Of 6 MPH..

Batteries Are Located On The Side Of The Oracle And Easily Snap On & Off In Seconds. Their Are Two Batteries, One Battery For Each Side. Both Batteries Are Charged Independently.


Also Both Batteries Have A On/Off Switch Allowing You To use One At A Time Or Both At The Same Time.




Folds In Just Seconds. The Oracle Is Changing Peoples Lives One Person At A Time.



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Lightweight & Easy To Transport, The Oracle Is The Lightest Mobility Power Wheelchair Ever Made.

Rear Wheel Electro Magnetic Braking System Combined With The Anti Tip Wheels Giving -User The Ability To Travel Safely.

All New Digital Joystick Controller That Allows Users To Operate The Oracle Smoothly With A Easy Access Charging Port/Plug.


Dual Lit1hium-ion Batteries That Are Mounted On Each Side Of The Oracle.


Batteries Attach & Detach In Seconds




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The Oracle Is Equipped With Two 250 Watt Motors With Free Wheel Option. By Disengaging The Yellow Leavers Users Can Push The Oracle Manually. Then By Simply Reengaging The Yellow Leavers The Oracle Returns To Operating As A Power Wheelchair.

  Optional Heavy Duty Rear Basket.

Large Rear Basket With 10 Lb Capacity
That Is Perfect When Going On Outings
Or Shopping.


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The Oracle Is One Of The Worlds Lightest Power Wheelchair Weighing Only 41 Pounds And Has Large Rear Tires Allowing The Oracle Travel Over Rough Terrain Outdoors.


Also Fully FDA & FAA Approved. The Oracle Is Perfect For Traveling By Air Or Taking On A Cruse Ship. The Oracle Has Visited Every County On Earth And Its Optional Travel Case Keeps It Safe From Damage By Airline Luggage Handlers.




Oracle Specifications



Total Weight (Without Batteries) 41 Pounds 19 Kilogram
Total Weight (With Batteries) 47 Pounds 22 Kilogram
Weight Capacity 265 Pounds 120 Kilogram
Seat Cushion Width 18 Inch 45 Centimeter
Seat Depth 16" Inch 40.6 Centimeter
Seat Height 19.5 Inch 49 Centimeter
Seat Belt Yes, Quick Clip  
Width Of Wheelchair (Unfolded) 21.7 Inch 55.11 Centimeter
Length Of Wheelchair (Unfolded) 35.82 90 Centimeter
Height Of Wheelchair (Unfolded) 35 Inch 87.5 Centimeter
Length Of Wheelchair (Folded) 21.6 Inch 58 Centimeter
Height Of Wheelchair (Folded) 27.1 Inches 75 Centimeter
Thickness Of Wheelchair (Folded) 8.25 Inches 12.7 Centimeter
Motor 250 Watt Brushless / 24v X 2 "  "
Battery 24v Lithium-ion 6 Ah (4 Lbs) X 2 No Plugs / Easy To Remove
Frame Aircraft Quality Aluminum "  "
Foldable Arm Rest Arms Fold Up for Easy Side Entry-Exit Note: (Also Enter-Exit From Front.)
Front Tires 6 Inch / Flat Free (Non Marking) "  "
Rear Tires 12 Inch / Flat Free (Non Marking) "  "
Suspension Yes / Front "  "
Seat Cushion Memory Foam "  "
Seat Cushion Cover Nylon / Washable "  "
Charger 24v / 2amp / Lithium-ion / International "  "
Range 22 Miles 13.62 Kilometers
Range (Using One Battery) 11 Miles 6.81 Kilometers
Turning Radius 21 Inches 58.42 Centimeter
Charging Time 1.5 Hours "  "
Airline Approved Yes Yes
Cruise Ship Approved Yes Yes
Charge Indicator Yes Yes
Variable Speed Settings Yes Yes
Top Speed 4 Mph 8.03 Kilometers
Horn Yes Yes
Anti Tip Wheels Yes (Load Bearing) "  "
Controls Digital Smooth Easy To Use Joystick "  "
Weather Resistant For Use Indoors & Outdoors "  "
Reverse Yes / Speed In Reverse Is 3 Mph Yes / Speed In Reverse Is 6.21 Km
Owners Manual Owners Manual PDF
PDF Brochure Brochure PDF
FDA & FAA Approved Yes  
Video Showing Outdoor Use   Video








Quick Clip Seat Belt That Provides A High Level Of Safety To The User When Using There Oracle On Hills, Ramps And Inclines. Included Free With Every Oracle.


The Oracle Is The Perfect Power Wheelchair

When Traveling. Weighing Only 41 Lbs. And

Folds Up To A Unheard Compact Space Of

 8" X 21.6" X 21.1"


Each And Every Oracle Comes With A Two Year Limited Warranty. First Year Includes Parts & Labor (In Home Service) Second Year Covers Parts Only.


Reinforced Supported Arm Rest. The Arm Rest On The Oracle Have Been Cross Braced Reinforced. This Gives The Arm Rest The Strength To Hold The Entire Body Weight Of A User And Users Can Use These Arm Rest To Support & Balance Themselves When Getting In & Out Of The Oracle.


Large 12 Inch High Traction Tires Are Solid Flat Free So Users Do Not Need To Worry About The Possibility Of a Flat Tire.


These High Traction Tires Are Also Non Marking , Meaning They Will Not Leave Any Marks On Any Type Of Flooring. Their Are Some Tires That When Turning Will Leave A Mark On The Floor. Not These, Again They Are Non Marking.


The Leg Rest And Foot Rest Swing Away Entirely Out Of The Way, Making It Much Easier For Users When Getting In Out Out Of The Oracle.


New Generation Joystick That Tells You How Fast You Are Going As Well As How Much Of A Charge You Have Left In Your Batteries.


This New Generation Joystick Is Also A Stage Five Tec Controller Making It Very Easy & Smooth For Users To Control And Drive The Oracle Power Wheelchair.

The Oracle Is A Extremely Strong Structural

Frame Built  Using A X Frame Concept That Has Proven To Be Not Only The Strongest Concept,

It Is Also The Most Durable & Reliable.



An Amazing 8 Inch Width When Folded. This Is Totally Unheard Of And Only Possible From Using The Patented Offset Motor Design Otherwise It Would Simply Not Be Possible To Fold Down To A Mere 8 Inch Space.






In Home Service Limited Warranty.

Your new wheelchair comes with a full Two Year Limited Warranty First Year Is In Home Service Parts & Labor Warranty. Stop worrying about who would repair your wheelchair or how you would get your wheelchair to them. This warranty has you covered! We will send a trained professional repair technician directly to your home in the event your wheelchair should need repair. The Second Year Covers Any Defective Parts We cover the entire United States. The map below indicates the location of our service affiliates.

Personalize your new wheelchair. Its Free & Easy, Simply select letter of font style below you like and enter it in the order form along with the name or text you would like to use to personalize your new wheelchair.




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  We include a Oxygen Tank Holder Free with the purchase of this wheelchair. This Oxygen Tank Holder will hold most any size tank. The chart shown on the left indicates with a red arrow all tank sizes this tank holder will accommodate. Also included free are all items listed below.



Oracle Foldable Power Wheelchair

Oracle Foldable Power Wheelchair
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Air Travel Power Wheelchair


The Oracle Is The Perfect Power Wheelchair For Those When Traveling By Air. Weighting Only 41 Lbs and Folding Up Into A Very Small Compartment Makes It So Easy to Use When Traveling. Airlines Actually Recommend The Oracle To There Passengers When People In Need Of A Mobility Device Are Traveling.








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