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Pegasus Carbon Fiber Wheelchair



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The Pegasus Is Easily One Of The Lightest Power Wheelchair On The Planet, Weighing Only 39 Pounds With A 19 Inch Wide Memory Foam Seat And A Weight Capacity Of 310 Pounds. The Pegasus Is Made Entirely Out Of Carbon Fiber And It Is Five Times Stronger Then A Conventional Power Wheelchair Made Of Steel Weighing Up To Five Times As Much.


The Pegasus Portable Power Wheelchair Also Easily Folds Into A Small Compartment With A Width Of Only 12.5 Inches Allowing It To Fit In The Trunk Of 'Any' Car And Can Be Taken On A Plane As Carry On Luggage.




Did You Know Carbon Fiber Is Five Times Stronger Then Steel & Five Times Lighter.


For Over Two Decades Portable Power Wheelchairs And Portable Scooters Have Been Available However They Were Still Heavy Weighing From 73 Lbs To 198 Lbs. The World Has Never Seen A 39 Lbs Power Wheelchair Until Now. Thanks To Carbon Fiber We Are Able To Introduce The Pegasus Weighing Mere 39 Pounds And Is Made Entirely Out Of Lightweight Strong Carbon Fiber.


The Engineers Were Determined To Design A Spacious Comfortable Power Chair That Would Fold Into A Very Compact Space And That Would Weight Almost Nothing. Their Success Allow Us To Introduce The Pegasus Carbon Fiber Power Wheelchair.

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Non Marking Flat Free High Traction Tires Means You Can Drive Your New Pegasus  On Any Surface Without Any Concern Of Leaving Any Marks On The Floor Or Surface You Are Driving On.


Both Front And Rear Wheels Of The Pegasus Carbon Fiber Wheelchair Are Equipped With Non-Slip Grips. Additionally, The Quality Polyurethane, Nylon Mix Tires Are Completely Flat Free So You Don’t Have To Worry About Getting A Flat.


Regardless If Your Indoors On A Plush Carpet, On A Wood Or Tile Floor. Or Outdoors On Grass, Gravel, Dirt Trail Or On A  Concrete Surface The Pegasus Carbon Fiber Power Wheelchair Is Built To Take You Where You Want To Go.




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Is There Any Assembly Required With The Pegasus?

The Pegasus Carbon Fiber Wheelchair  Comes Fully Assembled! All You Need To Do Is Open The Box And Unfold It,


The Batteries Already Have A Partial Charge So You Can Take It For a Spin As Soon As You Get It Out Of The Box, Simple as 1-2-3!





The Pegasus Has Two 220W Motors Providing A Full 440W Of Power. Both Motors Are Brushless Electromagnetic Motors That Use The All New ATS (Advanced Torque System) For Delivering Maximum Power When Going Up Steep Inclines.

The Pegasus Will Always Go The Speed That You Want Allowing Users To Easily And Smoothly Accelerate Or Move Slowly And Stop Right Away When Needed.


The High Torque Motors And Electromagnetic Braking System Means It Won’t “Run Away” While Going Down A Hill, Yet There Is Plenty Of Power For Going Up An Incline. The Motors And The Entire System Are Weather-Resistant.



Let’s Not Forget The Importance Of Comfort. The Pegasus Carbon Fiber Wheelchair Has A Memory Foam Cushion On The Seat And Flexi-Foam Cushion On The Backrest. The Seat Cover Is Made From Wicking And Is Safe To Put In The Washer. It Is A Stain Resistant Quick-Dry Breathable Mesh Material. To Further Enhance The Comfort Of Your Pegasus, The Seat Cushion Cover Has A Anti-Slip Surface Making You More Comfortable And Secure In The Seat. There Is Also A Fully Adjustable Seatbelt Built In That Can Easily Be Hidden Away When Not In Use.


You May Notice The Red Leaver On The Inside Of Each Motor In The Picture To The Left. These Levers Allow You To Operate The Pegasus Carbon Fiber As A Push Wheelchair (Freewheel Mode), Or Motorized Power Wheelchair With The Simple Flip Of A Leaver.

The Engineers & Designers Of The Pegasus Designed It In A Way That Allows It To Easily Fold To Point Where It Is Only 12.5 Inches Thick. This Means he Pegasus With Fit In he Trunk Or Back Seat Of  Cost Any Vehicle.



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The Pegasus Is Only 39 Lbs With A 310 Pound Capacity, 19 Inch Wide Memory Foam Seat, Fully Adjustable Anti Tip Wheels, With Reinforced Arm Rest, Meaning Users Can Place Their Entire Body Weight On The Arm Rest And The Arm Rest Will Support Them. All This And Is  Made Entirely Out of Carbon Fiber.


Lets Not Forget About The Front & Rear Suspension That Make Driving The Pegasus A Absolute Dream.


When It Is Completely Unfolded. It Has A Seat Height Of 19 Inches, A 19 Inch Wide Seat And A Seat Depth Of 16 Inches Providing The Average User With The Perfect Fit.


The Pegasus Is Designed So Users Can Get In & Out Of The Wheelchair Both From The Front Or The Side As The Arm Rest Fold Up Completely Out Of The Way For Easy Side Entry / Exit.

The Pegasus Carbon Fiber Wheelchair Easily Folds Into A Small Compact Space That Will Fit In The Trunk Of Most Any Car And The Fact That It Only Weighs 39 Pounds (That's Right Only 39 Pounds) It Allows Taxi Drivers Or Uber Drivers To Treat It Just Like Luggage By Placing It In The Rear, Trunk or Hatch Of The Vehicle They Are Driving.



Airlines Know & Love The Pegasus As It Is Both FDA & FAA Approved Allowing It To Be Taken On Any Commercial Airline In The World. The Pegasus Folds Up So Compact It Can Even Be taken On As Carry On Luggage And Will Even Fit In The Overhead Compartment. (Note: Airlines In Some Cases Insist That It Be Stored In The Belly Of The Plane.

Both Front And Rear Suspension Provides A Smooth Ride On Both Hard As Well As Rough Surfaces.


The Front And Rear Suspension Also Makes The Pegasus Safer As It Is Far More Stable When On Rough Surfaces.


Easy One Touch Locking Mechanism That Allows Users To Easily Fold & Unfold The Pegasus Carbon Fiber Power Wheelchair.


Anti Tip Wheels That Provide Yet Another Level Of Safety & Security.


The Pegasus Is Powered By Two ATS (Advanced Torque System) 180-Watt Motors Providing Plenty Of Power – Even While On Inclines, Declines, As Well As Rougher Bumpy Surfaces. The Pegasus Carbon Fiber Wheelchair Comes With A Extra Lithium-ion Battery Pack. The 2nd Battery Pack Is A Extra Battery Pack Included Free And Is Not Required To Operate The Pegasus (Meaning The Pegasus Runs On One Battery Pack At A Time.) Having A 2nd Back Up Battery Provides Users With A Strong Piece Of Mind When Traveling Any Long Distances.


Note: Battery Can Be Charged On The Pegasus Or Independently On Its Own When It Is Off The Pegasus.





The Pegasus Is Equipped With A Smooth Sense Soft Touch Joystick That Allows Users To Control And Navigate The Pegasus With Ease And Precision.


The Joystick Has A Horn, Battery Gage Indicator As Well As A Digital Up & Down Speed Adjustment.


The Further You press the joystick knob, the more power the chair has and the faster it goes. By applying just a small bit of pressure to the joystick knob, you can go slowly and have perfect control.



The Pegasus Comes With A Two Year Limited Warranty. First Year Parts & Labor , 2nd Year Parts Only.

Optional Samson Hard Shell Case


The Samson is a Taylor made (Hard Shell Case) specifically designed to provide the perfect protection for the Pegasus when traveling. Now you no longer need to worry about whether the airlines will damage your Pegasus Carbon Fiber Wheelchair when traveling. The Samson (Hard Shell Case) almost entirely eliminates the possibility of damage to the Pegasus.


Optional Samson Case

Size Of Samson Case: 36.5" X 26" X 17"

Weight Of Samson Case: 47 LBS

Cost Of Samson Case: $587.


  Heavy Duty Rear Shopping Basket Free.

Included With All The Other Free Accessories Is A Larger Rear Basket That Is Perfect When Going On Outings Or Shopping.



Lightweight Carbon Fiber Wheelchair


Specifications  -   Owners Manual   -   Referenced Videos


Pegasus Specifications



Total Weight 39 Pounds 17.71 Kilogram
Weight Capacity 310 Pounds 140 Kilogram
Seat Width 19" Inch 482 Milometer
Seat Depth 16" Inch 400 Milometer
Seat Height 19" Inch 480 Milometer
Width Of Wheelchair (Unfolded) 23.5" Inch 600 Milometer
Length Of Wheelchair (Unfolded) 37.5" Inch 955 Milometer
Height Of Wheelchair (Unfolded) 38" Inch 965 Milometer
Width Of Wheelchair (Folded) 23.5" Inch 600 Milometer
Height Of Wheelchair (Folded) 31 Inches 760 Milometer
Thickness Of Wheelchair (Folded) 12.5 Inches 320 Milometer
Motor 220 Watt Brushless / 24v "  "
Battery 24v Lithium-ion 6 Ah (4 Lbs) X 2 No Plugs / Easy To Remove
Frame Carbon Fiber "  "
Foldable Arm Rest Arms Fold Up for Easy Side Entry-Exit Note: (Also Enter-Exit From Front.)
Front Tires 6 Inch / Flat Free (Non Marking) "  "
Rear Tires 8 Inch / Flat Free (Non Marking) "  "
Suspension Yes / Front & Rear Suspension "  "
Seat Cushion 2 Inch Memory Foam "  "
Seat Cushion Cover Nylon / Washable "  "
Charger 24v / 2amp / Lithium-ion / International "  "
Range (With Spare Battery) 24 Miles 38.62 Kilometers
Range (Using One Battery) 12 Miles 19.31 Kilometers
Turning Radius 23 Inches 58.42 Centimeter
Charging Time 1.5 Hours "  "
Airline Approved Yes Yes
Cruise Ship Approved Yes Yes
Charge Indicator Yes Yes
Variable Speed Settings Yes Yes
Top Speed 4.5 Mph 6.03 Kilometers
Horn Yes Yes
Anti Tip Wheels Yes (Also Highly Adjustable) "  "
Controls Smooth Easy To Use Joystick Use On Right Or Left (Arm Rest)
Attendant Control Bracket Available (Option)  
Weather Resistant For Use Indoors & Outdoors "  "
Reverse Yes / Speed In Reverse Is 2 Mph Yes / Speed In Reverse Is 3.21 Km
Owners Manual Owners Manual PDF
PDF Brochure Advanced Specs PDF
FDA & FAA Approved Yes  



Limited In Home Service Warranty.

Your new Pegasus Power Wheelchair comes with a full One Year In Home Service Warranty. As well as a 2nd year parts only warranty. Stop worrying about who would repair your new Pegasus or how you would get your new Pegasus to them. This warranty has you covered! We will send a trained professional repair technician directly to your home in the event your Pegasus should need repair. We cover the entire United States. The map below indicates the location of our service affiliates.

Personalize your new Pegasus wheelchair. Its Free & Easy, Simply select letter of font style below you like and enter it in the order form below along with the name or text you would like to use to personalize your new Pegasus.




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We include a Oxygen Tank Holder Free with the purchase of your new Pegasus.


This Oxygen Tank Holder will hold most any size tank. The chart shown on the left indicates with a green arrow all tank sizes this tank holder will accommodate. Also included free are all items listed below.



Pegasus Carbon Fiber Power Wheelchair

Pegasus Carbon Fiber Power Wheelchair
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Pegasus Carbon Fiber Power Wheelchair


















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The Pegasus Is One Of The Lightest Power Wheelchair On The Planet


Weighing A Only 39 Pounds And Providing A Weight Capacity Of 265 Pounds With A 16 Inch Wide Seat The Pegasus Is A Perfect Fit For The Average Person.


Having A 2nd Back Up Battery You Will Never Have To Worry About Your Battery Going Dead Because You Always Have Back Up. And Lets Not Forget These Are Lithium-ion Batteries That Will Fully Charge In One Hour. With Carbon Fiber Being Five Times Stronger Then Steel And Five times Lighter Having A Lightweight Folding Power Wheelchair The Pegasus Made Out Of Carbon Fiber Is Clearly The Way To Go.





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