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Foldable Wheelchairs




Pegasus Plus HD Matrix Falcon / Recline Phoenix
Only 39 Lbs Only 50 Lbs Only 34 Lbs Only 50 Lbs Only 44 Lbs
300 lb Capacity 440 lb Capacity 300 lb Capacity 400 lb Capacity 265 lb Capacity

19" Wide Seat

19" Wide Seat 18" Wide Seat 19" Wide Seat

19" Wide Seat


Oracle Tech 4 Evaluation Electra 7 HD Wide The Air Hawk
Only 41 Lbs Attendant Control Wireless Remote Control Only 50 Lbs Only 41 Lbs
18" Wide Seat Wireless Remote Control Automatic Folding 400 lb Capacity 265 lb Capacity
Large Tires   400 Lb Capacity 21" Wide Seat 16" Wide Seat


Wheelator Eagle HD Genesis 802DY Ergo Flight
Only 32 Lbs 440 Lb Capacity      


Ergo Light Ergo Flight Q-Heavy Duty Jazzy Passport AH Electric Stroller




KM-5000F KM-5000-TP VIP-515 LT-980 LT-770Q


XO-404 LT-K5 MVP-502-MS MVP-502 S-115


Ergo105 Ergo106 Ergo115 Attendant-Controlled Ergo305


P101 P181 P182 P183 Jazzy Carbon




Foldable Power Wheelchairs


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Similar Popular Products

Air Hawk

  The Air Hawk Is Easily The World's Lightest Aluminum Frame Power Wheelchair, Weighting Only 41 Pounds. Prior To The Matrix Carbon Fiber It Was The Lightest Foldable Power Wheelchair Available. Now It Is The Lightest Aircraft Quality Aluminum Made Power Wheelchair Made. The Air Hawk Portable Power Wheelchair Easily Folds Into A Small Compartment With A Width Of Only 12.25 Inches Allowing It To Fit In The Trunk Of 'Any' Car And Can Be Taken On A Plane As Carry On Luggage.
  The Phoenix Is Easily One Of The Worlds Lightest Foldable Portable Power Wheelchairs. Weighting Only 44 Lbs It Is Only 3 Lbs Heaver Than The Air Hawk However It Provides Many Upgrades And Improvements Not Found In Comparable Power Chairs. For Example Anti Tip Wheels, Lateral Arm Supports That Allow A User To Support Their Enter Body Weight On The Arm Rest, Flip Up Fold Away Footrest That Folds "Completely Out Of The Way" And Auto Connect Batteries With Battery Gage Indicator Built On To Each Battery Independently. The Phoenix Is Also Airline Approved.
Eagle HD
  Eagle HD Heavy Duty Bariatric Portable Power Wheelchair With A Weight Capacity Of 400 lbs Only Weighing 50 lbs. The Eagle HD Has Large 12 Inch Rear Tires Providing A Smooth Ride With Lots Of Traction Allow It To Travel Through Most Any Terrain. The Eagle HD Is Powered By Two 250 Watt Motors Providing Lots Of Power Even When Going Up Hills And Inclines. The Eagle HD Also Comes Standard With Two Battery Packs Giving Users That Added Range To Go Long Distances Without The Concern Of A Dead Battery.
  The Falcon Heavy Duty Foldable Portable Power Wheelchair With A Virtual Position Reclining Back Rest And A Weight Capacity Of 400 Lbs. The Falcon Is The Worlds Lightest Foldable Power Wheelchair With A Reclining Backrest Weighing Only 50 Lbs.
  The Electra 7 HD - 21" Wide Seat Bariatric Portable Power Wheelchair With A Weight Capacity Of 400 Lbs Weighing Only 50 Lbs. The The Electra 7 HD - Wide Has Large 12 Inch Rear Tires Providing A Smooth Ride With Lots of Traction To Allow You To Travel Through Most Any Terrain. The The Electra 7 HD - Wide Also Has A 24 Inch Wide Seat Option Providing Plenty Of Room For Those That Need Space. Lets Not Forget About The Electra 7 HD "Two" High Powered 250 Watt Motors Providing Lots Of Power Even When Going Up Hills And Inclines. The The Electra 7 HD - Wide Only Requires One Battery Pack To Operate However We Include A 2nd Extra Battery With Every Purchase Giving Users That Added Range Allowing You To Go Twice the Distance Without The Concern Of A Dead Battery.
Tech 4
  The All New Tech 4 High Quality 5 Star Remote Control Driving Power Wheelchair That Folds Up. Made Of Aircraft Quality Aluminum Weighing Only 60Lbs. The Remote Control Feature Of The Tech 4 Offers A User The Freedom To Do A Great Many Things That Can Not Be Done Without The Remote Feature.
  The Evolution Is Everything You Would Expect From A Power Wheelchair That Has Evolved For Two Decades. The Engineers Took All The Features From All The Most Popular Power Wheelchairs In The World & Combined Them All Into One. Incorporating A Lightweight Folding Power Wheelchair With Features Like Automatic Power Folding, Remote Control Driving & Full Suspension. The Evolution Is Simply In A Class Of Its Own.
  The Matrix Carbon Fiber Has Won The Title Of Worlds Lightest Power Wheelchair. This Title Previously Held By The Air Hawk Made Of Aluminum Weighting 41 Lbs. Now Belongs To The Matrix Weighting Only 34Lbs. The Air Hawk Remains The Most Popular Power Wheelchair Due To The Price. Carbon Fiber Is Lighter However It Is More Expensive To Produce. For Those Who Do Not Mind Paying A Little More The Matrix Is The Top Of The Line For A Lightweight Folding Power Wheelchair.







Discover Your Mobility specializes in foldable power wheelchairs and is home to the Air Hawk folding power wheelchair that is the worlds lightest portable foldable electric wheelchair in the world. Discover Your Mobility is also credited for both the Eagle Hd folding electric bar iatric power wheelchair it to is the worlds lightest bar iatric battery powered power wheelchair in the world. Lastly the 21 inch wide Electra 7 foldable heavy duty battery powered electric wheelchair weighing only 50 pounds with a weight capacity of 400 pounds.



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Portable Lightweight Foldable Power Wheelchairs


Worlds Largest Online Showroom Of Foldable Power Wheelchairs. Discover Your Mobility Is The Worlds Largest Design & Development Team In The World. Responsible For Both The Worlds Lightest Folding Power Wheelchair As Well As The Heavy Duty 24 Inch Wide Seat 400 Pound Capacity Lightweight Bariatric Folding Power Wheelchair. Lets Not Forget About The Ground Breaking Automatic Self Folding & Unfolding Fully Remoter Control Evolution. Discover Your Mobility Is Literally Paving They way & Changing Peoples Lives.


Discover Your Mobility carries a wide selection of Foldable Power Wheelchairs as we understand just like the people that require them how important their folding electric wheelchair is. It is equally important that the individual needing the power wheelchair get the one that best suits their needs. This piece of equipment becomes a strong part of their lives and that is why our trained specialist are happy to help users find the right electric folding power wheelchair to meet their individual needs.






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