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Handicapped Passenger Access for Regional Aircraft

The Mobilift AX is an ADA compliant wheelchair lift designed to safely and reliably provide access to aircraft passengers with disabilities.

Over half of the primary airports in North America use the Mobilift AX to provide dignified boarding for travelers who use wheelchairs.

ADA and FAA Compliant Wheelchair Lifts

The Mobilift AX is a manually powered wheelchair lift that is ADA compliant and meets all FAA safety regulations related to ground support equipment and disability access. It is a manually powered lift that is simple to use, requires no motors or batteries, and requires very little maintenance.

The Mobilift AX is a cost effective and reliable alternative to traditional powered equipment.

The Mobilift offers fast, dignified, hassle-free access for disabled passengers
The lightweight construction allows ease of mobility
Aluminum structure does not require painting and provides great long-lasting appearance

The Mobilift AX is extremely dependable in every environment from Alaska winters to Arizona heat wave and Washington rains
No motors, hydraulics, batteries or electronics to service

Fast Cycle Times
Mobilifts get passengers from the ground to their aircraft in under a minute

Low acquisition cost
Extremely low maintenance cost

Meets ADA requirements
Meets FAA Recommended Practice with respect to wind/jetblast stability
Manual controls make the operation sensitive. Precise control and excellent visibility makes the Mobilift safe for people and aircraft

Aircraft Compatibility
There are two models in the Mobilift AX family: The Mobilift AX for corporate aircraft and regional airlines and the Mobilift AXR for larger narrowbody aircraft

Both the Mobilift AX and AXR Wheelchair Lifts will access:
ATR 42 / 72
BAe Jetstream 31, 41, 125
Beechcraft 1300, 1900C, 1900D,
CRJ, Challenger, Global Express
Casa C212,CN235
Cessna 402, 406
De Havilland Dash 7, Dash 8, Twin Otter
Dornier 228, 328, 428, 528, 728, 928
Embraer 110, 120, 123, 135, 145
Fairchild Metroliner
Fokker F27, 50
Saab 340A, 340B, 2000
Shorts 330, 360

The Mobilift AXR Will Access All of the Above Aircraft Plus:
Fokker F28
Boeing 737, 727, 717
Avro RJ/146
Embraer 170, 190


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