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Wheelchair Lifts for Marine Applications

The Mobilift VX is an affordable, multi-purpose wheelchair lift that provides handicap access to boats in a variety of locations and environments.

The Mobilift VX is designed to be a commercial wheelchair lift for use in marine settings. The units are constructed of lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminum. The light weight feature allows ease of mobility in the dock area. The corrosion resistant properties of aluminum ensure that the VX will be safe to use and will retain a good looking appearance, without the problems associated with rust. The Mobilift VX is currently being reliably used in a variety of tour boats, historic boats and ferry vessel applications. The Mobilift VX will be compliant with proposed ADA regulations governing wheelchair access for boats.

Handicapped Access for Wharfs, Docks and Marinas

Unlike most vertical platform lifts the Mobilift VX is manually powered so it is easy to use, highly portable, and requires no electricity. The absence of batteries, hydraulic and electric components makes the lift extremely reliable and virtually maintenance free.

Mobilifts can be customized to accommodate unique situations. With it’s reasonable purchase price, the Mobilift VX is an economical way to make your location accessible immediately.

Mobilift VX Highlights

Fast and Easy Handicapped Access
• Easy to operate controls-no special training or expertise is required.
• Manual operation requires just 5 lbs. of crank force to lift a 150 pound load and 11 lbs. of crank force to lift 300 lbs.
• Typical elevation time to maximum height of 60” is 20 seconds.
• Pictogram decals clearly depict the lift’s operating instructions.

Portable - Easy to Move and Position
• 4 lbs. of pressure is all that is required to start a Mobilift moving on a hard level surface – as easy as moving a shopping cart.
• Self sufficient – no power is required.
• Mobilifts weigh approximately 268 pounds and can be transported in the back of any size pickup truck.

• Low acquisition cost.
• Extremely low maintenance cost.
• Unlike wheelchair ramps systems, permanent installation or structural modifications are not required.

• Mobilifts have a lifting capacity of 600 lbs. - robust enough for most electric wheelchairs or scooters.
• All lifts are factory load tested to 3000 lbs as part of our extensive quality  assurance program.
• Proven safe - more than 1000 units in service over the past 13 years.
• Locking cable included to prevent unauthorized use.
• Moveable to reduce exposure to vandalism(vandal resistant shelter available as an option).

• Bridge ramps of varying lengths are available to reach over stairs and other obstacles.
• Left hand side cranking is an option.
• Right hand side loading is available for unique applications.

Highly Adjustable Lifting Height
• Different models lift to 60”, 72”, or 108” – great where tides are a concern and freeboards vary.
• Lifting heights and bridging distances are not  predetermined by switches or controls.

Mobile- Service Multiple Locations
• The Mobilift for Boats provides access to numerous berths or boats on a pier.
• One person can easily push the lift along a pier and raise 600 pounds.

• Some situations allow the lift to be carried on the vessel.
• Lifts can be custom designed to meet unique applications.

Durable Construction
• Manufactured from aluminum and stainless steel, the unit is ideal for high-corrosion, salt-water applications.
• Being manually powered means no electrics or motors to worry about.

The Mobilift  for Boats is an affordable way to make boats accessible to passengers with wheelchairs. The lifts are easy to use, move and position, and can be custom built for unique applications. Highly mobile, they can provide access to numerous boats and berths on the same dock.

The Mobilift VX is ideal for providing wheelchair access to:
• Sight Seeing Boats
• Private Yachts
• Charter Fishing Boats
• Ferry Boats
• Amphibious Vehicles


Portable wheelchair lifts for marine applications

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