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ADA Compliant Wheelchair Lifts

The ADA compliant Mobilift TX is the North American standard for making trains accessible to passengers with disabilities. The reason is simple: the Mobilift TX has proven to be fast, reliable, and affordable over 20 years of rough and ready outdoor use.

Trains can safely accommodate the special needs of mobility impaired passengers using the Mobilift TX. Our manual mobile lift provides easy-to-use, low cost access for persons with disabilities, and delivers consistent operational value.

Disabled Passenger Access

Over 700 units are in use at major railroads (national, state, and local) as well as at most of the tourist and historical railroads and museums across North America.

The Mobilift TX wheelchair lift is manually powered, easy to use, highly portable, and requires no electricity. The absence of batteries, hydraulic, and electric components make the lift extremely lightweight and reliable. It comes with heavy duty wheels, allowing it to roll easily along railroad platforms.

This ADA compliant solution can be in place now:
Without platform modifications
Without retrofit costs
Without waiting for lift equipped rail cars
Without jeopardizing freight clearances with mini high platforms


Mobilift TX Highlights

Fully ADA compliant wheelchair lift under 38.83, 38.95, and 38.125.
Easy to operate controls.
Large wheels negotiate rough terrain.
Vandal resistant design
Automatically self leveling on uneven ground.
Can be loaded onto any size pick up truck for multi-destination use.
Extension ramp increases turning radius for large wheelchairs.
Platform counter balance reduces cranking force.
Floating bridge ramp for easy alignment.

The Mobilift TX is extremely dependable in every environment from Alaska winters to Arizona heat waves and Washington rains.
The TX has proven itself to be trustworthy a fact backed by over 4500 lift years of outdoor service.
The Mobilift eliminates the possibility of an on board jamming causing an extended train delay.

4 lbs. of pressure is all that is required to start a Mobilift moving on a hard level surface as easy as moving a shopping cart.
Self sufficient no power is required.
Mobilifts are very light, weighing approximately 268 pounds.

Low acquisition cost.
Extremely low maintenance cost.
No limit switches, batteries or hydraulic controls to fail.
Permanent installation or structural modifications are not required.

Mobilifts have a lifting capacity of 600 lbs.
All lifts are factory load tested to 3000 lbs as part of our extensive quality assurance program.
Proven safe - more than 700 units in service over the past 20 years.
Locking cable included to prevent unauthorized use.
Moveable to reduce exposure to vandalism (vandal resistant shelter available as an option).

Mobilift TX - wheelchair lifts for railroads - case study details.  
Mobilift TX - wheelchair lifts for railroads - technical specifications.

ADA compliant wheelchair lifts

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