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Reviews On The Matrix Ultra






I have had my Matrix Ultra for over a year

and I use it for shopping going out to eat

with my family and taking our dogs for a

walk to the park. Last AUGUST we went on

a Alaskan Cruise. We flew from San Diego

to Seattle using the Matrix the entire trip.

The Matrix Ultra gave us so much confidence

we have recently booked two more trips on

cruise ships. One to Alaska and the other to


Thank You For My Matrix Ultra

It Keeps Me On The Go.!

Glen Gilmore

... We just finished a Caribbean cruise and during

this cruise I had several people who were using

a mobility scooter that were asking me a lot of

questions about the Matrix Ultra. Two

individuals were even taking photos of my

chair and I advised them that there were

several you tube videos they could watch about

it. I selected the Matrix Ultra because of the

lightweight and the powerful motors to the rear

wheels. It has helped me in many ways, but

most important I am able to go to places that

I would not be able to attend. Just being able

to ride my Matrix Ultra up to the dining table

and without any assistance I can sit with others

is a big plus. I am able to maneuver easily

around a bedroom or bathroom. It also gives

me the ability to freely travel a long distance.


I have MS and this chair is great for me and it

would be very beneficial to anyone who has

mobility issues. It will give an individual the

ability and access to do things they would not

have considered doing. Another positive aspect

was that it does not slip or slide on wet surfaces

as my other mobility chairs did. Attached is a

photo of me on my Matrix Ultra on the Caribbean Island of St. Kitts.


Alan Lee.


  I bought a Matrix Ultra wheelchair this year

after becoming very frustrated with the lack

of customer service from a different

company. I couldn't be happier with my

decision to work with Discover Your

Mobility aka Discover My Mobility.
My last chair was over 65 pounds and this

one weighs only 34 pounds. My daughter lifts

it into the car with the ease of a weightlifter

throwing an apple. It can hold 330 pounds.

Nowhere near what I need but it's good to know I have room to grow! It's comfortable

and lightweight. It comes with a seatbelt,

which I must admit I don't use; being a

daredevil that likes to live life on the edge.

It can go up to 5 miles an hour and I whiz

along making my daughter run behind me.

Revenge for chasing her when she was little.

We've traveled all over with it, flown to

South Korea and Japan and we are taking it

on its first cruise in a few weeks. You can't

place a value on freedom.

Thank you for my Matrix!

Thanka Karin Best

  I chose the Matrix Ultra folding wheelchair

after researching lightweight airline approved

0chairs. The You Tube Videos were loop

helpful. I have been very satisfied with my


My sister and I, both in our 70s, vacation

together and my Matrix Ultra folding power

0wheelchair goes with us on airplanes and

other vehicles. It has enabled me to be much

more active.

The Everglades National Parks have Ranger-led

Nature tours on their wonderful long

boardwalks that my sister is able to walk. But

I have to sit down before I go very far. With

the Matrix Ultra I was able to easily keep up

with the tours.

The first battery took me through the airport

and on 2 tours and the second battery was

there to take me through the evening

activities and down the long hall in our hotel.

It was easy to fold up and put in and out of

our rental car. Unfortunately once the hatch

didn’t get completely shut and came open

during a hard left turn. Our bright yellow

Matrix Ultra which we named “Sunny” slid

out and bounced and tumbled into the street.

Luckily there wasn't a car close behind us

and our tough little “Sunny” only sustained

a couple of paint scrapes and was otherwise

unharmed !

Lou Ann Corrigan

  I purchased the MATRIX for my husband to

enhance his mobility. Due to an irreparable

muscle injury and lower back pain, he is

unable to walk unassisted. We needed a

sturdy, yet light weight chair that I could

handle. (I’m 83) After much research I chose

the MATRIX. Superior construction using

space-age materials made it the perfect chair.

He is totally comfortable driving the chair

and I have no trouble loading and unloading.

We are now able to visit museums, parks,

botanical gardens and more without

debilitating pain. The chair made it possible

for us to visit all Key West attractions last

Spring and Christmas season attractions at

Daytona Beach. The chair is easy to operate

and maneuver. We are grateful for the

freedom that the MATRIX chair provides

and highly recommend it to anyone with

mobility issues.

M Smith

  Let me first say this is a tremendous idea

and offer. I am happy to give my wheelchair

a more than satisfactory review because it has

opened so many doors for me and allowed me

to get back out and enjoy so much. I chose the

Matrix Ultra for its exceptional ease of use and

transportation. Before my Matrix Ultra I had a

mobility scooter and I always found it was just

too obtrusive in small areas. With the Matrix

Ultra, the overall length is reduced and much

easier to navigate crowded settings. The overall

weight of the Matrix Ultra and it's size when it

is folded up is truly an engineering marvel.


Ordering the Matrix Ultra was so very simple

and fast. Almost as soon as it was delivered to

0me, my girlfriend and I put the chair in back

of my car along with all of our luggage and

headed up north the Traverse City and the

Leelanau peninsula so we could visit a few

wineries. Even to this day we still talk about

our trip and all the memories we made. All I

have to say is Thank You Matrix Ultra! I

don't want to know what I would be without


Matthew Cody

  Hi, I am a Registered Nurse diagnosed with

Primary Progress MS 3 years ago. My ability

to walk has declined tremendously over the

past year. I was so worried I would not be

able to continue working as a nurse at the

Veterans Hospital. The hospital gave me a job

in an area that was easier than the floors, but

I soon found even that was difficult. I

purchased the Matrix Ultra because of its

excellent reviews, its lightweight (both my

wife and I can lift it into the car easily), and

its durability and weight capacity. I have been

able to continue working at my job with the

Veterans. I can ride all over the hospital in

my chair, bring patients into exam rooms,

and do everything I was able to do prior. I

can't say enough good things about this

chair and I tell all my patients who ask about

it. Being able to share with the veterans how

this chair has helped my mobility makes me

feel good because I know many of them are

struggling and maybe my story will help

them too.

Thanks To Discover My Mobility For My

Matrix Ultra!

Mike. J, RN

  My husband told me to order the Matrix

Ultra after he found out that it was 8lbs

lighter than the Air Hawk. He said that at

his age he finds it hard to lift a 42 lb

wheelchair. When i called to place an order,

I was told that they have pink Matrix Ultra.

So I picked that color coz pink was my mom’s

favorite color and at the same time pink was

in because of the barbie movie.

Wherever I go people turn their heads on my

wheelchair coz of the color. then i would tell

them “hi, i’m barbie!” then they responded

hi barbie! then leave with a smile.

We took the Matrix Ultra with us on our trip

to Asia and i’m happy to share the video my

husband who took it while i’m climbing up

Mt. Samat national shrine in Bataan. going

up the mountain was a steep climb but proud

to say I made it. I want to test it how far it

can go. my friends were surprised to see

the video and how powerful the motor is.

Had some questions regarding the wheelchair

so I contacted the office they were very

helpful. that alone is a big plus for me.

This company has excellent customer service.

Climbing up Mt Samat on my pink Lamborghini
Nona Gumabao

  First I went on a 4-day bus tour of Monterey,

CA. easily fit in the bus luggage area and I

am seen in photo at the Steinbeck Museum.

My “ride” allows me to get out and “see the

world”!! Next, is me using “Barbie” to

participate in judging a major art event and

receiving a national honor. My Matrix allows

me to still continue with my daily life activities.

I can go everywhere. I teach art so it is vital.

The BIG plus is no one has to push me around.

I do it myself. This one is also super light so

very easy to collapse and load/unload. Barbie

and I are a team. She has widened my horizons. I am grateful.

  The Matrix Ultra mobility chair has allowed

me to get out and enjoy life again. My ability

to walk has been declining and it was just too

much of a struggle to leave the house anymore.

I researched many mobility chairs to find one

that met my personal needs. I needed

something sturdy but lightweight so my

daughters could lift and handle it easily. I

wanted something that would fit in any car

and space so I wasn’t restricted and could

go with any family member or friend. The

Matrix Ultra chair has been perfect. It is

lightweight and it folds and unfolds easily.

It has made it very easy to leave my house.

I can roll right up to the car through the

gravel. I was able to go to a Christmas tree

farm and roll easily on the gravel road to

look for a tree with family. My grandchildren

are happy that I can attend ballgames and go

on family vacation again. I took my chair on

a park trail for a ‘walk’ with family. It was so

good to participate in life again. I use this

chair inside my home also and it’s given back

a lot of independence. I get compliments

almost every time I’m out in my chair.

People comment on how sleek and

manageable the char is. I recommend the

Matrix Ultra mobility chair to anyone that

needs help getting around the house or help

getting out to enjoy life again.


I cannot say how much I love my Matrix Ultra

wheelchair. It has given me back more freedom

than I have had in years. In addition to day to

day trips like grocery shopping or sporting

events, this chair is amazing for travel. I've

taken multiple trips since getting the Matrix

and it's so much easier than taking a manual

chair. First it's lightweight and it folds. It's easy

to move around even when it's folded. It easily

fits into a regular interior cruise cabin or in a

small car. Since it's very lightweight it's easy to

get into and out of a vehicle. The batteries seem

to last a really long time, a lot longer than I

expected. I've never run out of battery but if that

did happen you can flip the switches on the

motors and it becomes a transport chair. There

are two well placed bags, one behind the seat

and one under. I carry the extra battery in the

one under the seat. I have taken this chair all

over the US, the Caribbean and Mexico so far.

We are currently getting ready for trips to

Alaska and Italy and this chair will travel

every mile with me. The Matrix makes it possible

for me to have this much freedom. I trust this

chair to get me from beaches to mountains and

everywhere in between.. So far no terrain or

condition has stopped us. One of the pictures is

our costumes for a Carnival cruise line

Halloween contest. I'm a shark bite victim and

he's a shark. We won! In the other picture I am

at a playground that my granddaughter loves to

go to. This chair is helping me make so many memories.

If you have any mobility issues I would

recommend the Matrix. It has given me so

much freedom. After becoming disabled I

didn't travel for many years. The Matrix has

given me back that ability. I looked at many

different chairs and scooters and for my

disability the Matrix fit me the best. Take a

chance with the Matrix and get back your

freedom! You won't be sorry.

Kathy Shreck


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