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The Lexis Light Has Been Recommended By Delta, South West And Several Other Airlines To Their Passengers As The Perfect Scooter When Traveling By Plain. When Traveling By Air With Your Lexis Light You Will See It Is Happily Welcomed By The Commercial Airlines. As They Have Stated It Is Quite Refreshing To Have A Scooter That Is So Easily Moved And Stored. Many Airlines Have Allowed It On The Plane As Carry On Luggage. You Will Be Allowed To Drive Your Lexis Right Up To The Entrance Door Of The Plane. Then Simply Fold Up Your Lexis Light And Place It In Its Protective Nylon Cover, Again Pleasing The Airline Company As They Are Far Less Likely To Scratch It. From There A Member Of The Airline Will Handle Your Lexis Light And Will Return It To You As Soon As You Have Reached Your Destination.!


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