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A Better Transfer With Dignity

The Traxx Overhead Patient Lift allows for a more comfortable transfer experience while eliminating injuries and increasing efficiency. This allows for more mobility and less physical work for the caregiver. The simple system fits easily in to the home care environment and installs and stores easily. The heavy duty motor quietly and gently lifts up to 500lbs while the track system reduces friction and allows for a simple transfer from bed to wheelchair. The padded and adjustable slings are machine washable and mildew resistant. The overall experience is calming and comfortable for the patient.


Provides greater satisfaction for the patient and caregiver by offering a safer, more efficient lift and transfer process. Experience greater safety, comfort, and mobility with only one caregiver needed for a safe patient transfer. Eliminate injuries and increase efficiency with the push of a button. The motor lifts gently and the overhead track ensures a smoother transfer experience. There is no manual pumping required as compared to the standard Hoyer type hydraulic patient lifts.
Battery powered and easily rechargeable, allowing the system to run for days, even in the case of a power outage.

Designed and built to be reliable, the system does not require a power outlet to run. The lift motor is battery powered and easily recharged. The system will run for days on a full charge even with several transfers daily. Charging is as simple as plugging in to an outlet or, in the case of power outage, in to a generator.
The Traxx Titan 500 is a free-standing system that installs in just minutes and does not attach to your home in any way.

It comes as a complete package including the frame, motor, batteries, remote, lift bar and sling. Depending on your plan, your insurance may reimburse you for this product, either completely or in part. Check with your insurance provider for coverage.



Traxx Mobility Systems TITAN 500

• Helps eliminate injuries and increase efficiency with a push of a button.
• Provides greater satisfaction for the caregiver and the patient.
• Only one caregiver needed for safe patient transfer.
• Experience greater safety, comfort, and mobility.
• Freestanding system that can be easily stored.
• System accommodates everything from private homes to hospitals,

   including bariatric patients.
• Installs in minutes and is easy to move and re-install in new location.
• The lift motor is battery powered and easily recharged, no manual pumping required    

   compared to the Hydraulic Patient Lifts.
• The sling design combines strategically placed padding and adjustable straps.
• Machine washable sling, dries quickly and is mildew resistant.
• The four point lift bar insures a stable, secure and comfortable experience.
• Works well on carpet compared to the floor-based Hoyer Patient Lift.




Safe Working Load   500 lbs
Unit Height (Assembled)   92 inches
Unit Length (Assembled w/ 8ft Transverse Beam)   98.5 inches
Transverse Beam Length   8 ft (standard), 10 ft*, 12 ft* (*upcharge)
Base Width   2 ft 6 inches by 2 ½ inches
Motor Weight   34 lbs.
Unit Weight (Assembled frame with Motor)   107 lbs.
Shipping Weight (with 8ft beam)   145 lbs.


Cage Code: 5TUE1
DUNS NO: 025612885 Safe, reliable and affordable.

•Easy to use
•Battery powered and rechargeable
•Can lift patient from floor level if needed
•Easy to move and re-install in new location
•No storage issues when not in use
•Installs in minutes
•Lifts up to 500 lbs.
•More convenient and affordable than a patient ceiling lift system.
•Designed for safe patient lifting.
•One button for lifting and moving patient.
Proud to support Americans Working Traxx Mobility Systems


Veteran owned and proudly made in the USA!





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Traxx Mobility Systems TITAN 500



Traxx Mobility Systems TITAN 500

Qty: Price: $3995.


Sling Options - Pick One:

Small Universal Sling -
Medium Universal Sling -
Large Universal Sling -
Xtra Large Universal Sling - Add $148

Beam Length (from Post to Post):
8 ft - Standard
10 ft - Add $155
12 ft - Add $205

Battery Charger:
Battery Charger - Included

Battery Backup:
Battery Backup -
No Thank You

Remote Control:
Corded Remote Control - Included

Locking Portable Caster Kit:
Locking Portable Caster Kit - Add $187
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Traxx Mobility Systems TITAN 500


Manual Power Stand & Piv Ceiling Lifts Bathtub Commode

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