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Sky Track Ceiling Lift S450


The Sky Track S450 Is Now Available. The Industry Has Long Anticipated Its Arrival & Availability As The Sky Track S450 Has Many Features Never Seen On Any Patient Ceiling Lift. for Example The Laser Positioning Lights That Align The Lift With The Patient Providing A Perfect Transfer Every Time. The Industry Is Very Excited About This Feature As It Benefits Both  The Patient & Caregiver, Even Institutions Have Expressed The Strong Benefits The positioning Lights Have to Offer.


Fully Automatic Power Up & Down As Well As Side To Side With The Simple Push Of A Button.


450 Lb Capacity.


Lifting Strap/Range: 10 Ft.


Motion Sensors Are Yet Another Feature That Is New And Have Never Been Found On Any Ceiling Lift To Date. Although Motion Sensors have Been Strongly Recommended By Individual Of Industry & Users The New S450 Is The Only Ceiling Lift With This Feature.


Motion Sensors On Both Sides Of The Lift Will Stop The Lift From Moving Horizontally When The Sensors Since A Object In Its Path.


Red Emergency Pull Cord Stops The Left Instantly.

  The Photo To The Left Shows a Example How The Laser Aligns The The Patient.


(See The Red Dot) In The Center Of The Photo


Again This Photo Shows How The Laser Positioning Light Aligns The Lift To The User/Patient.

Six Point Carry Bar.


Most Carry Bars are A Simple Two Points However With Only Two Attachment Points It Limits What Sling You May Use.


A Four Point Carry Bar Expands Your ability To Use Many Other Slings.


A Six Point Carry Bar Will allow You to Use almost Any Sling You Choose.

The Sky Track 12 Ft Tethered Remote Allows a Care Giver/Nurse Full Control Moving The S450 Up & Down Or` Side To Side. The Remote Also Has A Stress Call Button Letting Others Know Help Is Needed.


The Remote Handset On The S450 A Completely Electronic. NOT Pneumatic. Making It Very Reliable & Problem Free. .


Note: Handsets That Are Pneumatic Are Problematic & Not Very Reliable.

The Sky Track S450 has Three Individual Digital Displays. This Is Very Helpful Just Operating The S450. The Main Digital Display (Shown Below) Tells You If You Are Directing The Lift To Go Up Or down As ell As Right Or Left.


In Addition It Tells The User How Much Battery Life Is Left On The Battery and Even Indicate On The display When The S450 Lift Is Being Charged Through The Automatic End Rail Charger.

The Sky Track S450 Is Equipped Standard With Lithium-ion Batteries. Lithium-ion Batteries Are Far More Reliable Then Lead acid and Last Ten Time Longer Prior to going Bad and Needing To Be replaced.


Model S-450
Lift Motor: 24VDC
Traverse Motor: 24VDC
Charger Input: 120 VAC, 1.0 Amp
Charger Output: 24 VDC, 5 Amp
Battery: 24 VDC 20 AH Lithium-ion
Hand Control: Completely Wired (Very Reliable)
Lifting Height: 84" (213 cm)
Carry Bar: 6 Point Carry Bar
Unit Weight: (18.5 kgs)
Maximum Load: 450 lbs. (204 kgs)
Motion Sensors: Both Right & Left
Laser Positioning Light Yes (Position Patient Perfectly Every Time)
1st Digital Display Indicates Charge Level. Up, Down, Left, Right & More
2nd Digital Display Indicates On or Off Charger. Mode & More
3rd Digital Display: Error Displays & Troubleshooting
User Manual: Sky Track User Manual PDF
Digital Displays: Sky Track S450 Display PDF
Video Introduction: Main Video Introduction MP4
Laser Light Information Laser-light-Positioning MP4
Sky Track S450 In Action Informational Video MP4
Info Video #1: Laser Positioning Light MP4
Info Video #2: Learn More MP4
Info Video #3: Emergency Pull Cord MP4






Sky Track S450

Sky Track S450
Qty: Price: $2489.00

Laser Positioning Lights:
No Thank You
Laser Positioning Lights

Motion Sensors:
No Thank You
Motion Sensors


Six Point Carry Bar:
No Thank You
Six Point Carry Bar

Lithium-ion Battery Upgrade:
Standard Lead Acid Batteries
Lithium-ion Battery Upgrade

Power Traverse: (Automatically Drive Lift Along Rail By Pushing A Button)
No Thank You
Power Traverse $500.

Polairis Plus:
No Thank You
Polairs Plus $977.

Sling Of Choice
No Thank You
Small U Sling
Medium U Sling
Large U Sling
Small Hammock Sling
Medium Hammock Sling
Large Hammock Sling
Small Hygienic Sling
Medium Hygienic Sling
Large Hygienic Sling

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Ceiling Lift S450 Sky Track


Manual Power Stand & Piv Ceiling Lifts Bathtub Commode

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