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Cushion Lifts 3-Way Wall-Huger Full-Recline Petite Large Manufactures  

When you are trying to decide whether you should purchase an Uplift Seat or Commode Assist, keep these important benefits in mind.

Time and time again, this is the most common comment we get from Uplift customers, "I like it because it works!"

Uplift Seat Assist can be carried anywhere, and used in almost any armchair or sofa. Commode Assist also flattens for transport and can be taken (along with your commode) when you travel.



Uplift Seat and Commode Assist cost much less than their electric counterparts. Seat Assist is also covered by Medicare for those who qualify (i.e., must be deemed medically necessary by your physician.)

That fact that Medicare will cover Uplift shows that it is safe to use. (Medicare will not cover a seat lift mechanism that is operated by a spring release or any such mechanism that produces a sudden, catapult-like motion and jolts the patient from a seated to a standing position.)

Uplift Seat Assist can be used in any room of the house. Even if you have an electric lift chair in the living room, Uplift can be a great help in the kitchen or dining room. Commode Assist can be placed anywhere you choose to locate your commode.

Uplift Seat Assist was rigorously tested by the Occupational Therapy Institute for Rehabilitation Research and Development Centre and found to be a very beneficial product. For more detail, read the Clinical Evaluation Report.

A growing number of physical therapists and physicians are recommending Uplift products so that patients can stay independent and maintain their strength and muscle tone.

Uplift Seat and Commode Assist are guaranteed to be trouble free for a full year during normal use (labor and parts included).

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Cushion Lifts 3-Way Wall-Huger Full-Recline Petite Large Manufactures  











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