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Cushion Lifts 3-Way Wall-Huger Full-Recline Petite Large Manufactures  

Current Wall-A-Way Or Wall Hugger Lift Chairs


Full Recline 59
Standard Wall-A-Way
Petite, Wide, Sleeper










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If you are looking for a comfortable chair to put in your home, you have come to the right place. We have many wall hugger lift chairs available, in many different colors and styles. They all include free shipping as well as economical prices. When using this, you will quickly feel how comfortable these chairs are. What makes them unique is all of the positions they have, and the ease of control it offered. They will instantly improve your quality of life and keep you relaxed while in your home.

We have many great choices; you won’t have an issue finding one that looks and feels good. Be sure to analyze all the wall hugger lift chairs we offer and read what certain features they offer. Before you buy one, make sure the weight capacity listed is suitable for your personal weight. Our products are made of high-quality materials from brands that are completely trusted on the market today. Our chairs offer a luxurious look with the comfort you have always desired. You won’t have any issues staying comfortable in our chairs; it has many desired positions. Our chairs are modernly styled so you won’t have a problem matching it with your other furniture in the house. It comes with the TV position, so you can enjoy watching your favorite shows while achieving the ultimate comfort. It comes with a hand control that can control your position as well as other heat and vibrating options. Our chairs are very durable and include a quiet, state of the art lift system. You won’t have any issues getting in and out of your chair; we guarantee it.

We are passionate about our products and providing excellent service to all of our customers. We take pride in offering a great selection of products so all of our customers can easily be satisfied. If you have a tough time selecting the perfect chair for you, please let us know and our support team will help you right away. Check out our incredible selection of wall hugger lift chairs and get yours today!



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