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Our unique and patented wheelchair wizard enables a person to pick up a wheelchair with the arms and legs, and not with their back. The wheelchair wizard slips over your wheelchair. Then there is a drawstring that runs down the spine of the carrier, around the bottom of the carrier and around the wheels of the wheelchair, and back up. The rope is then pulled through our rope clutches that lock the bottom of the carrier around the wheels of your wheelchair. You now can easily pick up your wheelchair with our top handel and two bottom handles, distributing the weight of your wheelchair and keeping it from unfolding while lifting. When you are ready to use your wheelchair you simply push the unlock button on the rope clutches and our Wheelchair Wizard slips off with ease. Our Wheelchair Wizard is made of the finest and strongest Dupont Cordora, 1,000 lb rock climbing rope, it has nickel plates rivets and zippers, Spin Lock custom designed rope clutches just for our Wheelchair wizard, padded handles, and double stitched and then box stitched for extra strength. Our product has been on countless cross country flights, checked as luggage, with no damage either to the wheelchair or the Wheelchair Wizard. Our patented design is built to give you and your loved one years of reliable service.




1. Remove the leg risers  
2. Set the lock on both wheels  
3. Slip the WC Caddy onto the wheelchair.
4. Set the rope clutch to lock. They only have two positions, locked and unlocked.
5. Pull the rope through the rope clutch as far as you can by holding the wooden ball, and repeat with the other rope clutch.
6. Lay the top of the WC Caddy down either to the left or right to about 30 degrees, or at about 10 O clock.
7. Now comes the most important part, bend your knees, not your back and grab the bottom handel.
8. Lift the wheelchair with both arms extended by unbending your knees. You should not have to bend over at all when lifting the wheelchair while enclosed in the WC Caddy.
9. Place into the truck of your automobile.  





1. Grab both handles of the WC Caddy and pull out of the trunk to a resting position
on the trunk lid of your automobile.
2. Lift to a position over the flat ground.  
3. Bend your knees and rest the bottom of the WC Caddy onto the ground.
4. Lift the top portion of the WC Caddy to an upright position.  
5. Release both rope clutches, one click for each.
6. Lift the WC Caddy off the wheelchair.





Traveling with your wheelchair has never been easier or safer, thanks to the WC Caddy. Airlines are required to transport your wheelchair free of fees, and will either allow you to check it at the ticket counter or at the gate. Follow these easy steps to safely travel with your wheelchair.
1. Lock both wheels  
2. Slip the WC Caddy over your wheelchair.
3. Place each of the leg risers into the pouches, included with your WC Caddy, and zip the pouches closed.
4. Place the first leg riser into the side pocket.
5. Place the second leg riser into the pocket, but attach the Velcro strip to the strip that is attached to the inside of the padded pocket. This keeps the leg risers from sliding around inside the pocket.
6. Close the zipper.  
7. Slip your wheelchair cushion into the other pocket. The cushion works as additional padding while traveling.
8. Close the zipper.  
9. Pull the rope through the rope clutch in its locked position as hard as you can, making sure the front bottom of the WC Caddy is around the front wheels. Repeat with the second rope clutch.
10. Place the rope clutches and wooden balls into the pocket and zip it closed.
Now your wheelchair is properly encased and ready for even the roughest baggage handlers.  


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