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1. The total price of our product can be offset by your income taxes as a uncovered medical expense.

2. Now that you can travel on an airline without fear of your wheelchair getting damaged. You no longer have to rent a wheelchair when traveling. Wheelchair rental prices can range from $25 to $40 dollars per day, not including the time, inconvenience, and cost it takes to find a wheelchair rental company, drive there, rent one, and return it when your stay is completed. Usually the rental wheelchairs are not in the best of shape, and cheap, old, broken, and at best unsanitary. Your loved ones deserve better. All they want is their wheelchair, and now that is possible.

3. Good Wheelchairs cost between $400 and $1200 dollars. These chairs have to have a warranted life of 5 years. If you do happen to damage your wheelchair during loading and unloading into your automobile or during airline travel, they will repair it, as long as they feel it was due to product failure. If you are so lucky to have your very expensive wheelchair covered under warranty, you will still be out a wheelchair for the duration period between shipping it back, repair time, and return shipping. This time can be as little as 3 weeks, and as long as 6 weeks, and sometimes longer. In the mean time you are back at the wheelchair rental company renting a worn out wheelchair, for $35 dollars a day, which might or might not be covered by the company that manufactured the wheelchair or your medical insurance company.

4. Have your ever seen what lifting a wheelchair into and out of an automobile does to your rear bumper of your automobile? Most people slide the wheelchair across the rear of the car for it is almost impossible to hold the wheelchair laterally across the bumper and into the trunk. Same happens when unloading. You drag the wheelchair across the rear of the trunk to a point where you can now hoist the wheelchair off the car and onto the ground. Paint repair has a cost associated to it, assuming you have a car you like to keep looking nice.

5. If I was the medical insurance provider of an elderly man/woman and they told me that 12 times a week they had to lift a 42lb anything, with their back, I would do anything I could to make that task as easy as possible. 12 times a week assumes three trips out of the house per week, and if you make only one stop, you have to lift the wheelchair four times during that outing. According to Medical news today, "Back pain affects more than 80 percent of people and costs more than $100 billion annually in the U.S. Please click here for the full article, ,but does this sound like something that might happen while lifting a wheelchair?

But as much as I am concerned for the person that has just become injured while lifting the wheelchair, I am even more concerned for the person that depended on the now injured care provider. For without that person, the person that depended upon them for help is now, well, helpless. Who is going to take their place? Maybe a son/daughter? Maybe a neighbor? Maybe the health insurance provider! My product greatly reduces the chance that a care provider will get injured while lifting a wheelchair into and out of an automobile. The reason for this is that you no longer have to lift a wheelchair with your back. When enclosed properly, the whole process can be done by extending your arms fully, squatting with your knees, and lifting with your legs, just like every professional workout trainer on the planet will tell you to do while lifting heavy objects. You never have to bend over once to lift you wheelchair while using the WC CADDY!



Wheelchair Caddy

Wheelchair Caddy
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