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My Review This is the most important part. I spent over 4 months looking at and trying different mobility scooters. With 3 dealers in my area, I went to them all. Asked loads of question, looked online and talked to other users. The verdict, buy for comfort, not your pocket. Since buying the GoGo I have found far to many people who told me, "ahh well it was half price the dealer wanted". But found it was uncomfortable, the seat wouldn't go far enough back, the "tiller" (handlebar) was painful to use, it needs new batteries at 100 each, plus dozens of other complaints. What's the point of spending $1300 / $1500 on something you won't use?. SO PLEASE TRY take a look at the Lexis Light. (the one I really fancied was too painful to use after 8 minutes trial) FIRST RULE. How far do you want to travel, I wanted to go places so I went for a twin battery 25 mile one. SECOND RULE, Pneumatic or solid tyres, mine has solid tyres, no option till later 2012, but after finding the state of pavements I'm pleased they are solid. OK the ride may be a little firmer (not painful) but no worries about punctures. THIRD RULE, GET INSURANCE. Mine is a class 3, road legal (free road tax) I have insurance for 2 million plus get u home service in case of breakdown. (you never know) RULE FOUR, Even riding mainly on pavements, shock & bumps WILL take its toll in time. So when buying used ones, it WILL have done more miles than stated. Have it checked out (mine has a total milage on it that I can't alter. Older ones DON'T). RULE FIVE, Check prices, Online is over 50% cheaper if you have the money to buy through "Discover Your Mobility" The one I bought, I would buy again as its only 25.5 inches wide (65cm)so i can get around most shops with it. I purchased it from, as will be my next one. I hope this will benefit you.

Electric Mobility Bobcat 3 Wheel Compact Scooter Review
The Bobcat 3 Wheel Compact Scooter is a budget mobility scooter from Pride mobility with the emphasis on lightweight independent mobility. This scooter disassembles into 4 small lightweight pieces and is easy to reassemble without any tools and the lightest piece that makes up this 4 piece assembly is 55 pounds.

The total weight that the scooter can support is 250 pounds and has great maneuverability due to the extremely tight turning radius of about 32.2” coupled with the amount of adjustable pieces including but not limited to most aspects of the seat you can get a very personalized and comfortable ride.

Continuing on about the seat there are many options to adjust, such as seat height and the comfortable padded armrests, also it is very suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and due to its small size it is perfect for riding around even a small property.

The mileage from this scooter is about 7 miles on a single charge and the batteries included are easy to remove and come with the scooter. To top it off there is also a large carry basket included and all the wheels are anti tip which is very useful to ensure a scooter is comfortable and practical.

Bobcat 3 Wheel Compact Scooter Specifications:
•Dimensions: 37″ Long X 19″ Wide X 35.5″ High
•Base weight without batteries: 55 lbs.
•Battery Weight: 22 lbs.
•Seat Weight: 11 lbs.
•Total Weight: 88 lbs.
•Wheel Size: 8″ X 2″
•Anti-tip wheels: 2″
•Charging time: 8 hours
•Top Speed: 4 mph
•Turning Radius: 32.2″
•Climbing Angle: 6 to 8 degrees
•Cruising Range: 6 to 7.5 miles
•Maximum Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
•Charger: 1.5A Off-board
•Batteries: Two 12 AH/ 12 V
Bobcat 3 Wheel Compact Scooter Features:
•Colors available are in red or blue
•Large carry basket for extra shopping
•Disassembles into 4 easy to carry pieces
•Lightweight design increases portability for those with impaired mobility
•Tight turning radius means you have more control and maneuverability to go indoors and outdoors.
What customers liked about the Bobcat 3 Wheel Compact Scooter:

The thing that customers picked up on about this scooter is that it’s very easy to carry and the extra feeling of independence that comes along with it.

What people didn’t like:

There have been some problems with reliability but these have been rare cases and it’s still one of the most popular scooters from pride mobility.

Summary of the Bobcat 3 Wheel Compact Scooter

To give you a quick summary of this scooter is to say it is a portable budget scooter that has a good overall set of features especially the extra accessories. The large carry basket and all the adjustability of the seat and height options go a long way to making the Bobcat 3 Wheel Compact Scooter one of the most popular models available from Discover Your Mobility


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