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Three wheeled mobility scooter

Advantages and disadvantages to a three wheel mobility scooter verses a four wheel mobility scooter. A three wheel mobility scooter is more likely to tip then a four wheel mobility scooter however the advantage to a three wheel mobility scooter over a four wheel mobility scooter is its ability to turn sharper corners and indoors this becomes very important. Outdoors there is no question that a four wheel mobility scooter is more stable and far less likely to tip over. If you are thing of buying a mobility scooter and are trying to decide between a 3 three wheel and four wheel, first consider how often it will be used indoors. If you determine that it will mostly be used outdoors then a four wheel would most likely be best.

Reviews and Information on 3 Wheel Electric Mobility Scooters

There are many different models and types of scooters. To meet the different needs of users, mobility scooters come in 3 wheel & 4 wheel models. A three wheel scooter is the most popular for people with mobility needs.

Three wheel scooters are designed for maximum maneuverability and are mainly used indoors. Because three wheel models are not as stable as four wheel models, we usually recommend four wheel models if you will be going over uneven terrain outdoors.

The 3 wheel mobility scooters are very popular and one of the major advantages of this type of scooter is its low turning radius. Three wheel scooters are the best choice for indoor use, on paved streets, and in stores. However, the full size versions of 3 wheeled scooters are still capable of providing good outdoor stability because of their larger tire sizes and heavier built frames.

Three wheel scooters are mainly designed for individual use, and can usually carry a minimum of 220 and a maximum of 250 pounds. Earlier models of three wheel scooters were heavy and large. With the advance of technology, compact and lightweight three wheel scooters have been introduced in the market. Most commonly, lightweight metals such as aluminum are used for making lightweight three wheel scooters.

Three wheel scooters come in different models. One of the popular models is the three wheel folding scooter. This is a combination of the folding scooter and the skateboard scooter, and includes the features of both. As in the folding scooter, the 3 wheel folding scooter features fender brakes, and can be folded into 3 or 4 after use. Therefore, three wheel scooters can be easily carried on the trunk of cars, trucks, vans or other vehicles.

Most 3 wheel scooters include batteries that will get around 20 to 25 miles per charge and can be disassembled and transported in a large vehicle, sedan, van, or SUV. Many models come with headlights, tail lights, and turn signals for safe use on roads and sidewalks.

3 Wheel Scooter Model Suggestions:

Drive Medical 3 Wheel Compact Scooter - Perfect choice for reliable, affordable powered mobility. Its compact design and easy assembly/dis-assembly ensures effortless transport and travel. The 3 Wheel Compact Scooter also comes with flat free tires and a 15 mile range making it ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Standard features include: Adjustable height seat and back - Flat free tires - Top speed 4 mph and a cruising range of 15 miles - Cable free battery, operates by contact - Front mounted basket - Easy to adjust tiller - Easy to operate speed control and thumb throttle - Headlight - 250 lb. Weight Capacity.

Many companies make several models that have a very small turn radius of about 37 inches. They achieve this by putting the front wheels very close together and while they are very good scooters, they will not have the same stability as something with a wider wheel base. These types of units with a very small wheel base offer more stability than a 3-wheel scooter, but they offer significantly less stability than that of something like the Pride Go-Go Elite.

Other brands of three wheel scooters include:

Summary of 3-Wheel Scooter Benefits: Good maneuverability, plenty of leg room, more comfortable than compact models, recommended for indoor and paved outdoor use. A 3 wheel mobility scooter is a lightweight and maneuverable solution to your mobility needs. This type of medical scooter features two wheels in the back and a separate, articulate wheel in the front. A 3 wheel mobility scooter is more solid and durable than a compact mobility scooter, while still retaining the ability to make tight turns thanks to the independent motion of the front wheel.

The 3 wheel scooter is a very popular choice and is available in a wide variety of designs, colors and styles from many different manufacturers. Also remember that it is possible for the electric mobility scooter to be changed and upgraded with different features in case you do cannot find exactly what you are looking for.

Remember to assess your needs honestly and openly before you purchase a scooter. There are many quality mobility scooters available in both 4-wheel and 3-wheel design, so finding one to fit your needs is never an issue.

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