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Manual Inside Outside Car Van / SUV Brands

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Tri-lift Application Guide

Trilift Mobility


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TriLift  Installation Guide & Manuals:

Trilift Instalation Manual



  Part #
Afikim Sportster SB672
Amigo Fiesta SB510
Amigo Fiesta IV-12 SB513
Amigo RD SB511
Amigo RT Express SB512
Amigo 450 HD SB514
Blazed Full Size SB622
Breeze 3 & 4 Wheel SB872*
Bruno Rio 3 SB639
Bladez Sport    * SB621LT
Bruno Rio 3 SB639LT
Compact Scooter SB630
CTM HS-125  * SB610LT
CTM HS-580 SB611
CTM HS-320 SB612
Dalton SC-245 SB663
Drive Stingray * SB631LT
Drive Medical Phoenix 4 Wheel SB632LT
Golden Tech Buzz Around SB911
Golden Tech Companion -1  3 Wheel SB910
Golden Tech Companion 2 3 Wheel SB912
Golden Tech Avenger SB914
Golden Tech companion 2  SC-340  2010 Model SB916
Golden Tech Liteway  * SB913LT
Golden Tech Companion-2 SB912LT
Golden Tech Buzz Around GB-104 SB915LT
Invacare Lynx-3 Plus SB212
Invacare Lynx L4-X / L3-X SB216
Invacare Panther 4 SB210
Invacare Zoom 300 SB214
Invacare Taurus SB217
Invacare Zoom 300 SB214LT
Invacare Lynx L4- L3  * SB215LT
Invacare Lynx L4-X / L3-X SB216LT
LA Chopper & Sporster SE SB671
Major Mobility Salute. SB651
Major Mobility Tempo. SB652
Major Mobility RO RO  3 SB653
Merits S-148 SB711
Merits S-341 SB712
Merits Pioneer 3 SB713
Merits  XL3 SB714
No Boundaries Featherlite , EZ Travel Elite. SB411
Pacesaver Espree-3  Premier SB311
Pecesaver Espree-3 SB310
Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller 3 & 4 Wheel  * SB124LT
Pride Go-Go  Ultra X  3 & 4 Wheel  * SB124LT
Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus 3 & 4 Wheel  * SB127LT
Pride Go-Go SC40 / SC44 3 & 4 Wheel   * SB112LT
Pride Rally SC150 3 wheel SB114LT
Pride New Rally SC151 3 Wheel SB121LT
Pride Sonic  SC50/SC52 SB120LT
Pride  Revo SB123LT
Pride Celebrity-X SC4001 / SC4401 3 & 4 Wheel SB118
Pride Go-Go SC40 / SC44 3 & 4 Wheel SB112
Pride Legend Square Tube Frame   ** SB111
Pride Celebrity SC4000 / SC4400 3 & 4 Wheel SB113
Pride Legend / Hurricane Round Tube Frame SB119
Pride Legend 2000  Square Tube  Frame SB129
Pride Legend-XL / Hurricane Square Tube Frame SB126
Pride Maxima Old Round Tube Frame SB125
Pride Maxima SC900 / SC940 3 & 4 Wheel . SB117
Pride New Rally SC151 / SC155 3 & 4 Wheel SB121
Pride Rally SC150 3 Wheel SB114
Pride Revo New Model SC63 / SC64 3 & 4 Wheel SB123
Pride Revo Old Model SB116
Pride Sonic  SC50/SC52 SB120
Pride Sundancer SC2000 SB122
Pride Victory SC1600 / SC1700 3 & 4 Wheel SB110
Pride Victory 10 / 9 SB130
Pride Victory-XL SC2700 SB115
Pride Wrangler 4 Wheel   ** SB128
Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus 3 & 4 Wheel SB127
Pride Sidekick SB137


Power Wheelchairs:


CTM HS-2800 PWC610
CTM HS-580 PWC611
Dalton  Primechair PWC660
Golden Compass PWC914
Golden Tech Alante GP-201 (1 Piece Bracket) PWC910
Golden Tech Alante GP-201 (2 Piece Bracket) PWC912
Golden Tech Alaro PWC911
Hoveround  MP5 PWC636
Hoveround MP4 PWC635
Invacare M-51 Pronto Sur-Step PWC214
Invacare M-51 M-71 PWC210
Invacare Pronto M-91         ** PWC211
Invacare Pronto M-94 PWC216
Invacare Pronto M-6 PWC213
Invacare TDX SP PWC217
Invacare Storm TDX5           ** PWC215
Invacare M-41 PWC219
Major Mobility Liberty 312 PWC641
Major Mobility Liberty 512 PWC642
Major Mobility Liberty 612 PWC643
Major Mobility Liberty 321 PWC644
Major Mobility Liberty 312  New 2009 And up PWC645
Merits MP-3C PWC923
Merits MP-3HD (1 Piece Bracket) PWC920
Merits MP-3HD (2 Piece Bracket) PWC922
Merits P-320 PWC925
Merits P-326 PWC927
Merits P-710 PWC926
Merits P101 Travel-Ease Commuter PWC928
Merits Cypress 4HD PWC929
Merits P-327 PWC930
PaceSaver Boss 4.5 PWC670
PaceSaver Boss  5 PWC670
Permobil C300 PWC/700
Permobil C400 PWC/701
Pride Jazzy 1100  ** PWC116
Pride Jazzy 1170  ** PWC117
Pride Jazzy 1107 PWC118
Pride Jazzy 1121           ** PWC120
Pride Jazzy 1143 & Jazzy 1103 Ultra PWC115
Pride Jazzy 1122           ** PWC110
Pride Jazzy 1122  ** PWC111
Pride Jazzy 1113 PWC112
Pride Jazzy 1113 ATS PWC114
Pride Jazzy 600 PWC119
Pride Jet 2 PWC121
Pride Jazzy Select 14XL PWC121
Pride Jazzy Select / Select 7 /GT/ Select 6 PWC122
Pride Jet 3 Ultra PWC115
Pride Jet 7 PWC123
Pride Mini Jazzy 1103 PWC113
Pride Jazzy 1101 PWC124
Pride Jazzy 614       ** PWC125
Pride Quantum 6000z       ** PWC126
Pride Jazzy 1115           ** PWC127
Pride Select Elite. PWC128
Pride Go-Chair Travel Powerchair PWC129
Pride  Z-Chair PWC130
Quickie Rhapsody PWC256
Quickie Pulse-6 PWC257
Shoprider Streamer Sport PWC810
Shoprider Wizz PWC811
Shoprider 6Runner 10″ PWC812
Shoprider Trooper PWC813
Shoprider Smartie PWC814
Rascal 250 PW PWC410
Rascal 312 PWC411


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Manual Inside Outside Car Van / SUV Brands

All Auto Lifts

Trilift Application Guide



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