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Portable Folding Power All Terrain Sports Bath Bariatric




ShowerBuddy SB2 TubBuddy




The TubBuddy SB2 is an ergonomic bathing transfer system designed to allow a patient to safely transfer over a bath tub without committing to any costly construction. This model is also capable of rolling over standard/elongated toilets to be used as a commode. The TubBuddy eliminates unnecessary transfers between toileting and bathing making it comfortable for both patient and caregiver meanwhile reducing costs and contributing to good patient hygiene.


Available in Pediatric Size - CLICK HERE


Comes standard with:


Lap belt

Chest belt


Commode bucket with lid

Footplate, fold-up, rolling base, SB2

Armrests, L&R, Swing-back, removable

Castors, 5 locking

Bridge, SB2/T

Shower track






Tub Buddy SB2 Specifications
Height Adjustable YES
Lowest height 21.9"
Highest height 25.4"
Commode & Toilet Chair YES
Tilt N Space NO
Double Locking Struts on Tilt N/A
Transfers into Raised Shower **
Transfers into Level Shower **
Rotates in Shower NO
Transfers Over Bath YES
5" Locking Castors YES
Neck Rest ***
Double Safety Brakes YES
Lap / Chest Belts YES
Soft Seat Cushion YES
Soft Overlay / Day Chair Cushion ***
Foldaway Arms YES
Removable Arms YES
Foldaway Footrest YES
Tool less Assembly YES*
Non Corrosion Construction YES
Weight Capacity 350lb
2 Year Limited Warranty YES
* All assembly is tool less with the exception of the lap belts which require a screw
** Denotes that the chair could be used but would not normally be applied to the situation
*** Available as an accessory


For available Accessories - CLICK HERE


To watch a video on this product - CLICK HERE


Shower Buddy SB2 TubBuddy


SB2 TubBuddy

Qty: Price: $3141.


SB2-011 Tub Buddy

Bodypoint Belts:
BPB-C-M Bodypoint belt Chest Medium - Add $130
BPB-C-L Bodypoint belt Chest Large - Add $130
BPB-L-M Bodypoint belt Lap Medium - Add $130
BPB-L-L Bodypoint belt Lap Large - Add $130

NRA Neckrest assembly - Add $310

Large Headrest:
SB-HL-100-US Headrest Ultra Soft Large Adjustable KIT (everything needed) - Add $405

Pediatric Seat Adaptor:
PSA Pediatric Seat Adaptor (includes set of 4 PSABR Brackets) Add $995

Lateral Assembly Kit (Choose Pad):
SB-SS-100 Lateral/Side support pad (each) - Add $65
SB-SS-100 Lateral/Side support pad Large (each) - Add $75

Lateral Assembly Kit (required):
D-SS-C1 Lateral/Side support 1inch tube clamp - Add $65

Lateral Assembly Kit (Choose Hardware offset size):
D-SS-SH-1 Lateral/Side support swing-away hardware 1inch offset - Add $210
D-SS-SH2 Lateral/Side support swing-away hardware 2inch offset - Add $215
D-SS-SH3 Lateral/Side support swing-away hardware 3inch offset - Add $220

Lateral Assembly Kit (required when ordering Laterals):
TBR Tensioned Back Rest - adjustable - Add $75

Channel Armrest:
SB-ACD-100 Channel armrest w/ drainhole & mount screws x 1 - Add $125
SB-ACD-100 Channel armrest w/ drainhole & mount screws x 2 - Add $250

Star Cushion:
SBSC-2 Star Cushion - inflatable - dual valve 17x17x2 - Add $695

Seat Cushion Overlay:
SCO Seat Cushion Overlay - Add $155

Suction Cup:
Suction Cup*** x 1 - Add $30
Suction Cup*** x 2 - Add $60
Suction Cup*** x 3 - Add $90
Suction Cup*** x 4 - Add $120

Rolling Base Extension Rail:
RBE24 Rolling Base Extension Rail pair**** - Add $220

Tub Base Extension Rail:
TBE24 Tub Base Extension Rail pair***** - Add $220

Custom Bridge:
CB Custom Bridge (Labor)* 6 inches long - Add $250
CB Custom Bridge (Labor)* 8 inches long - Add $250
CB Custom Bridge (Labor)* 10 inches long - Add $250
CB Custom Bridge (Labor)* 14 inches long - Add $250
CB Custom Bridge (Labor)* 16 inches long - Add $250
CB Custom Bridge (Labor)* 18 inches long - Add $250
CB Custom Bridge (Labor)* 20 inches long - Add $250
CB Custom Bridge (Labor)* 22 inches long - Add $250
CB Custom Bridge (Labor)* 24 inches long - Add $250
CB Custom Bridge (Labor)* 26 inches long - Add $250
CB Custom Bridge (Labor)* 28 inches long - Add $250

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Shower Buddy SB2 TubBuddy














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