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Uplift Commode Assist Model #CCFCA200



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Uplift Commode Assist

Uplift Commode Assist. Using the same patented technology as the Uplift Seat Assist, the Uplift Commode Assist provides a gentle lift for 70 percent of the user's weight. In providing such a lift, safety was paramount in it's design. when fully depressed in a seating position, the seat locks securely in place. To get up, simply depress the lever to engage the lifting mechanism. As the user begins to stand with the aid of the built in side bars, the Commode Assist provides a gentle lift.

Uplift Commode Assist is a self-powered, lifting commode chair that helps users gently seat and raise themselves. It provides safe, controlled support and lifts up to 70% of a user's weight.

Versatile and sturdy, the Commode Assist can be used as a standalone or over a toilet.

Uplift Commode Assist Features

Helps keep people active and independent
Relieves stress and strain on joints
Lifts only as needed, allowing users to maintain muscular strength.
Can be used standalone or over the toilet
Self powered, lifting commode chair
Lifts up to 80% of user's weight
300 pound weight capacity


How To Use The Uplift Commode Assist:
Step 1 - Commode Assist eases you gently into a seated position and automatically locks in place. To stand, simply press down on the seat release lever
Step 2 - Now, using both hands to support yourself, simply shift forward and begin to stand
Step 3 - The lifting mechanism activates automatically and provides a gentle and stable lift from the commode

UpEasy Uplift Commode Assist Specifications:

Model Number:  CA 200
Weight Range  80-300 lb /35-100+ kg

Base Dimensions
Depth:  20.5"/52 cm
Width:  25.75"/65 cm

Seat Dimensions
Depth:  16.5"/42 cm
Width:  16.5"/42 cm

Seat Height
Minimum:  17"/42 cm
Maximum:  23"/58 cm

Lift:  10"/25 cm @20 degrees
Weight:  21 lb/9.5 kg



Owner's Manual


Carex Uplift Commode Assist Model #CCFCA200


The Uplift Commode Assist

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Carex Uplift Commode Assist Model #CCFCA200


Manual Power Stand & Piv Ceiling Lifts Bathtub Commode

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