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AP300 Portable Ceiling Lift By Handi Care




Unique antimicrobial strap provides reduced infection risks, enhanced durability, and a visual indicator for replacement when needed.

Heavy-duty smart battery offers up to 175% more lift cycles that previous generation lifts.

Portable Lifting Solution for Any Room
The AP-Series of Portable Ceiling Lifts are designed for caregivers that require a reliable worry-free portable lifting solution where safety matters.


AP-Series Portable Ceiling Lift


Built using the same technology found in our fixed ceiling with a streamlined portable form factor designed for care in any room.

Ergonomically designed hand control with waterproof technology.


Integrated control panel located on the front of the AP-Series.

  ActiveSense Tilt Detection stops the AP-Series and provides audible alerts when the lift is tilted at unsafe lifting angles.


Emergency safeguard features include: auto shut-off with audible low battery indicator, emergency stop and power lowering.

Weight limit: 300 lbs (136kg) and 450 lbs (204 kg)

The unique SafeGuard Hook offers a side loading system and closed loop hook design that minimizes sling loop migration for increased safety.
  safetHand control charging is standard and allows for accessible charging, reaching a wall receptacle has never been easier.

Lightweight and easily portable, share a single unit with fixed or portable track systems in multiple rooms.

Covers featured improved strength and durability with bottom access for servicing.

Providing next level care with first class safety features including the SafeGuard Hook and ActiveSense Tilt Detection, giving caregivers an additional safety blanket when moving and transferring their clients and loved ones during daily routines.


AP300 Portable Ceiling Lift By Handi Care

AP300 Portable Ceiling Lift By Handi Care
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AP 300 Portable Ceiling Lift By HandiCare


Manual Power Stand & Piv Ceiling Lifts Bathtub Commode

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