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Proformance Series Lift Model P-375


Overview of the Proformance P-375

Overwhelming demand to meet the government’s compliance deadline has led to longer manufacturer production lead times. Order your pool lift now and we’ll work to get your pool lift delivered as soon as possible!

Make using the pool or spa easy with the Global Lift Corp’s Proformance P-375 powered lift. It features an easy to install concrete anchor system, arm rests, footrests, lap belt and battery operated system. The low profile, sleek design is perfect for home or commercial use, and it is ADA compliant! It can be used on most spas and pools, although it is intended for right side use only (while seated the pool or spa must be on the user’s right side).

Unique Features

The Proformance P-375 lift has great standard features that make the lift safer and function better. The Key Lock-Out System locks the lift with the turn of a key, preventing unnecessary usage. The Emergency Return System will smoothly and automatically return the lift to the "home position", up and out of the water in the unlikely event of a control system malfunction.

*Your order will not be processed without the completion and submission of the Dimensions Worksheet.

Standard Features

ADA Compliant Pool Lift
Stainless Steel Construction
Powder Coat Finish
Lift Capacity – 375 lbs
Battery Powered 24 volt system
User Friendly Controls
Lifetime Structural Warranty
Arm Rests
Foot Rest
Safety Seat Belt
UPS Packaging for easy shipping
Key Lockout System (patent pending)
Can be used for spas and pools
Fits most standard pool applications (provide deck form for verification)
Emergency Return System (patent pending)
UV Resistant
Right Seat
Includes Battery Charging Station
Sleeve Anchor (optional)

Our low price includes:

FREE Shipping
FREE Anchor Included
FREE Lap Belt
FREE User Operable Hand Control
FREE Battery Charger
FREE All Weather Cover

FREE Lifetime Limited Warranty




Protective Lift Cover Extra 24-Volt Battery Sleeve Anchor



Owners Manual


Dimensions Worksheet

Pool Lift ADA Law

Pool Lift Electrical Bonding Code
Pool Deck Configuration Sheet



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For people looking for a Non ADA residential power lift with more range to lift a person into a above ground pool at half the price we recommend the Triton. Click Here to view Triton info.


Global Lift Corp Proformance Series Lift Model P-375


Global Pool Lift Performance Series Lift Model P-375

Qty: Price: $5668.


Concrete Anchor Sleeve - Included

24-Volt Battery: (Comes With One Battery Included)
Extra 24-Volt Battery - Add $430.
No Thank You

Protective Lift Cover -
No Thank You

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Standard Ground 3 to 5 Days -
Express Shipping - Not Available





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Global Lift Corp Proformance Series Lift Model P-375


Manual Power Stand & Piv Ceiling Lifts Bathtub Commode

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