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TL-3030K Toilet Lift


The TL-3030k is Americas favorite Toilet Lift / Commode Lift providing you independence and freedom to live life without assistance. Everyone knows you need to prevent from falling at all cost and the TL-3030k clearly has prevented a great number of people from falling suffering from injuries they can never recover from. We are very proud of the fact that the TL-3030k is preventing these types of injuries every single day.


If You Are Looking For A Portable Bedside Commode That Will Lift A Person Out Of Bed Allowing Them To Do Either Bedside Toileting Or Roll / Transport Them Over Their Existing Toilet Or Commode Then Take A Look At The JT-2020k.

Get on and off the toilet easily in just 24 seconds. That's Wright the TL-3030k Toilet Lift will lift you from fully seated to a standing position in just 24 seconds.



Fit's basically in any bathroom. The lift has an overall width of 23 7/8" and a depth of 27". The toilet nook in houses is supposed to be at least 24" (per building code) so this lift fits in normal bathrooms.

xx Features Include:

4 high grip height adjustable rubber feet make it sturdy and stable.

High performance lifting actuators ( X 2 ) for strength and durability.

Two button hand held remote.

Provides 9" of lift.

Simply plugs into the wall.

Accommodates almost any toilet. 16"-18" high toilet bowls (most all home toilets)

330 lb. weight capacity


Product Of: Booty Booster

The TL-3030k provides all the lifting height you need. Many users do not use the full lifting capacity the TL-3030k has to offer as you can easily stop it when lifting or lowering at any time.



Strong arm rest provide stability and ensure you'll be able to stand up without the need for a assistant or care giver.

  Flip up arm rest and a full 22" between the arm rest makes using the TL-3030k a pleasure and quite injoyable.
The TL-3030k has highly adjustable rubber feet allowing a full 2 inches of adjustment meaning It will work with toilets that have bowl heights of 16 inches all the way up to 18 inch bowl heights.
xx The front of the TL-3030k only lifts less then 1.5" while the back lifts up a full 9" in the raised position. This is perfectly ideal for assisting a person into a standing position.


The TL-3030k Toilet Lift / Commode Lift simply plugs into a wall power outlet.



Easy installation. The TL-3030k is easy to install. Simply remove your current toilet seat and place the TL-3030k in its place, adjust the height adjustable feet and plug it in.

Ergonomic water proof hand held remote and high grip height adjustable feet.
Remember the TL-3030k is equipped with two high performance electric actuators making it very smooth when operating and very reliable over time.
Do you wish to remain living in your home without assistants toileting. The TL-3030k will give you back your freedom. The TL-3030k is also available with a battery back allowing the lift to fully function in the event you should experience a power fairer. Choosing the battery backup option will give you the comfort and piece of mind knowing the TL-3030k will work at all times even when the power goes out.

This Item Is A Hygienic Product Therefore Is Not Eligible For Return



Weight Capacity 330 lbs
Length 28"
Width 24"
Height 30"
Distance Between Arms 23"
Motor DC / 72 watt
Lifting Angle 23 Degrees
Product Weight 55 lbs
Power Cord 9 Ft
Flip Up Armrest (Both) 90 Degrees
Front Of Seat Lifted (From Floor) 21.5"
Back Of Seat Lifted (From Floor) 30"
Front Of Seat Lowered (From Floor) 18.9
Back Of Seat Lowered (From Floor)  
Top Of Arm Rest Lifted (From Floor) 30.5"
Top Of Arm Rest Lowered (From Floor) 28.5"
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TL-3030k Toilet Lift

TL-3030k Toilet Lift
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The all new TL-3030k stationary commode lift / Toilet Lift by Discover Your Mobility has been recognized by the medical industry as a product that is clearly preventing people from hurting themselves. Every day their are people pushing the limit of their ability to remain at home without going to assisted living and the TL-3030k is enabling people to do that while helping people to prevent from falling. While the TL-3030k can not guarantee a person will not fall it sure makes it far less likely. Their are even some individuals that normally would not be able to return to their home from a medical facility that now with the use of the JT-3030k can return to live back in their own home. Both the TL-3030k and the JT-2020k are hygienic products and therefore are not eligible for return, meaning our normal 30 day return policy does not applie to the JT-2020k or the TL-3030k. If you are looking for a bedside commode lift or toilet lift then take a look at the JT-2020k





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