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The Discover Mobility Group Software
Manage Inventory Manage all your current inventory by ID#, Name, PO# and Sales Invoice #
Manage Contractors Find and manages Repair technicians and Installers in the network.
Print Product List Print Product List. This is a list of the product you sell and is not inventory.
Add A Supplier Add a supplier that supplies product.
Manager Suppliers Manage Suppliers Data
Manage Product Manage Product You Sell. This is all the product you sell and is not inventory.
Generate Tracking File Generate Tracking File. So you may upload all the data making it so customer may find there tracking information online.
Print Tracking Data Print Tracking Report. This shows all orders that have not been fulfilled.
Recent Orders Show all resent orders
Case Files Case files allow you to track things. For example you expect a return, or a item mistakenly went to the wrong address.
No Tracking Show all orders that have not shipped.
Unconfirmed Orders Show all orders that have not been confirmed
Manage Doctors View all medical doctors listed.
Employee Hours View employees logged hours for this pay period.
Employee Garnishments Manage any employee garnishments. For example child support.
Add/Edit Account Payable Manage account payable accounts
Manage Checking Manage checking. Search check, generate check, confirm payment, see if a check cleared the bank, print reports and more.
Monthly Bank Balance Show current bank balance.
Withholdings Report Print Withholdings Report. This allows you or your account to file and pay employee withholdings
Enter A Deposit Enter a deposit.
Print A Batch Check Batch check pay a batch of invoices with one check.
Print A Single Item Check Single check pays one invoice at a time or generates a employee payroll check.
Add/Edit Customer Add or Edit a customer using phone number or name.
Add/Edit Customer Ship To Add or Edit a customer ship to information using phone number or name.
Search Using Invoice Number Find customer using invoice number.
Search Using Customer Number Find customer using customer id.
Follow Ups View customers that are marked for you to follow up with or get back to.
Find Invoice Using Item Name Find customer or invoice using item name.
Search Notes Search for a customer using the customers notes on file.
View Day Menu Of Customers Sometimes it is helpful to see a list of all the customers a employee has spoken with that day. This option allows you to.
View Customer You Have Locked A employee can lock a customers file so only they can change it. (With the exception of a administrator)
Search Priority Notes Search priority notes to find a customer.
Search By Invoice Amount Search using invoice amount to find a customer.
Search By Customers Address Search using address to find a customer.
Merchant Report Print or view a merchant report. This is all credit card transactions.
Shipping Report Shipping Report showing all orders that have or have not shipped.
Sales Tax Report Sales Tax Report. Shows all sales tax due for the period
Sales Report Sales Report. Shoes all sales between two selected dates.
Checking Reports Checking Reports
Manage Credits Allows you to track and manage any credits that may be owed to the company from suppliers. Such as returned product.
Enter Merchant Batch Allows you to manage all credit card transactions and confirm the correct funds have been deposited into your account.
Manage All Batch Outs Allows you to view or manages all daily credit card batch outs.
Back Up Data Back Up Data Base
Unsettled Transactions View all unsettled transactions. These are all check or credit card  transactions that have not been proven to show in your bank.
Reconcile Accounting Here you can manually enter or settle a transaction.
Reconcile Bank Data Compare bank data against the database data to reconcile.
Add/Edit Passwords Add Edit Passwords (Administrator Only)
Form Letter Template Generate a form letter within minutes and always have a document number.
Miscellaneous Withdrawals Manage miscellaneous withdrawals.
Profit Report Show profits after cost for period selected.
Accounting Error Check Auto check for accounting errors
Checking Error Checker Auto check for checking account errors.
Search For A Credit Card Search for a customers credit card.
Manages Employee Data Add/Edit employee data
Print Follow Up Labels Print address label for customers that have requested that you send them information by us mail.
Manage Charge Backs Add/Edit all charge backs. This is when a customer disputes a charge on there credit card.
Collection Letter Print collection letters to all customer with a balance due over thirty days old.
Print Collection Invoices Print collection invoices.
Print Balance Due Report Print a report showing all account receivables.
Current Employee Logged In Displays the current employee logged in. and the total current hours this period.

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