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Discovering Mobility Group Has Taken The Business Model & Experience That has allowed us to dominate the Durable Medical Equipment industry and combine it into a business opportunity. "Turn Key Package" for people that are looking for a opportunity to start and run a rewarding business as well as help physically challenged people at the same time. The Discover Mobility Group understands all the ins and outs of the Durable Medical Equipment industry and every aspect of it. The Discovering Mobility Group has established a relationship with over 200 suppliers and are the exclusive distributor of many products such as the ones listed to the right. These products can only be purchased through a Discovering Mobility Group Affiliate. Our first goal with a new Discovering Mobility Group Member is the training and teaching of all mobility equipment. Their is a lot to learn however we are very good teachers and will always be their for your support even after your training. You be learning all about Home Accessibility, Scooters, Wheelchairs, Home Lifts, Building Lifts, Auto Lifts, Ceiling Lifts, Pool Lifts, Bath Tub Lifts, Hot Tub Lifts, Scooter Carriers, Medical Beds, Wheelchair Cushions, Medical Mattress, Driving Aids, Handicap Bathrooms, Handicap Fitness, Handicap Bikes, Handicap Lounge Lift Chairs, Handicap Door Openers, Handicap Ramps and more.   Exclusive Products

1) Viking All Terrain Stair Climbing Wheelchair.
2) The Lexis Light the worlds lightest most portable folding mobility scooter.
3) The Easy Light Deluxe Scooter. Similar to the Lexis Light however it is rear wheel drive.
4) The Welter Weight Scooter & Wheelchair Lift
5) The Hummer XL the world only high performance all terrain foldable portable 4 wheel scooter.
6) The Titan High Performance foldable portable scooter. Similar to the Hummer Xl only a 3 wheel scooter
7) The Triton Handicap Pool Lift. The only pool lift with a six point carry bar.
8) The Polairs Plus Rigid Lifting Sling. Works with a ceiling lift, lifting a patient in a seated position all while leaving the patient buttocks completely exposed.
9) Craftsmen (2) In (1) Scooter Wheelchair Carrier.
10) Electra 7 Foldable Power Wheelchair
11) The Transition Series Threshold Ramps.
12) The Pedal Pal Pedal Extenders
13) The LFA Left Foot Accelerator
14) Eagle HD Folding Power Wheelchair
15) The Elevator Porch Wheelchair Lift (P-Lift-50)
16) Falcon Foldable Power Wheelchair.
17) Air Hawk Foldable Wheelchair


Why The Discover Mobility Group?

The most obvious reasons are the unique "exclusive" product line. These exclusive products are completely different then anything else available on the market. You don't have to look very hard to see the advantages in the design of the Lexis Light Scooter, The Elite Scooter with its in hub motor, The Hummer XL portable heavy duty scooter or The Viking 4X4 All Terrain Wheelchair with its auto leveling seat. Just take a few minutes browsing these products and you will quickly see the unique design and engineering we are speaking of.?



Here's How The Discover Group Works

The Discovering group has established relationships with more then 200 suppliers. By becoming a Discovering Mobility Group Member you instantly have a relationship with this supplier network. Using the groups buying power have negotiated special pricing with most suppliers. In addition to the aggressive pricing the Discovering Group has exclusive product that can not be sold by any other company. This means if the customer wants it they must come to a member of the Discovering Group to get it.


Please Note: The Discover Mobility Group reserves the right to refuse any affiliation application in the event we feel the applicant would not represent the group in the required manner.

Does Discover Mobility Group have any financing options available?

For those who qualify, financing is available.!

Other than the initial costs of the Package, what other costs are involved in connection with running a Discover Mobility Group Durable Medical Equipment Affiliation.?

Simply the $180. Group Fee Per Month

How are the exclusive right territories determined?

The exclusive territories are defined as a city, a group of cities, a county, a group of counties, or a combination of cities and counties. Additional factors including population and territory size are considered when defining a territory. Personal goals and needs also play a part in determining territory size.

How long is the initial training and where is it held?

All of your training is done online as are all test that are administered.

Where do I buy all the products, supplies, and equipment?

Affiliates purchase product from any of our over 200 suppliers directly and can take full advantage of the groups buying power.

What kind of ongoing help and support do I receive?

After the initial training school, you can receive help via our toll free number or our FAQ System.

Am I required to have employees in this business?

The short answer is no. With a one man affiliation, your business growth is limited. Successful affiliates can grow to 10 TO 30 employees.


  Discover Mobility Group Competitor A Competitor B
Initial Cost $24,000.00 $127,950 $180,900
Group Fee $180.00 mo $350 mo 5% of gross receipts
Exclusive Territory Completely Exclusive Semi-Exclusive Completely Exclusive


Request an Information Packet

You've decided to take control of your own future, request an information packet today! In order to receive your free information packet, please fill out the details of your mailing and contact information by clicking here.!

Steam Brothers...At Your Service!

Become A Member Of The Discovering Mobility Group.!

The highly trained DME professionals at the Discover Mobility Group provide a wide variety of advantages both residential and institutional customers. Always stay up-to-date on the newest medical equipment being developed every day around the world.


  • Ceiling Lifts
  • Floor Lifts
  • Scooter Lifts
  • Wheelchair Lifts
  • Commode Lifts
  • Auto Lifts
  • Tub Lifts
  • Pool Lifts
  • Stairway Lifts
  • Chair Lifts
  • Institutional Lifts
  • Handicap Boat Lifts


  • Air Mattress
  • Beds
  • Bikes
  • Cushions
  • Door Openers
  • Driving Aids
  • Environmental Controls
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Lift Chairs
  • Phones
  • Ramps
  • Scooters
  • Scooter Carriers
  • Slings
  • Standing Frames
  • Sports
  • Tie Downs
  • Vehicle Access
  • Wheelchairs Manual
  • Wheelchairs Power
  • Wheelchairs All Terrain


An Executive Business With Exclusive Rights To Exclusive Products
In a Multi Billion Dollar Industry









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