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The Discovering Mobility Group's main objective is to support our affiliates in every way. We start with your training. A Six Week Online Coarse. This training covers all Durable Medical Equipment. Most all DME equipment is not suited for just any patient. Knowing what will work for a person and what will not is a essential key to a successful business. We spend 90% of your training making you familiar with Medical Beds, Bikes, Crutches, Ceiling Lift Systems, Commodes, Cushions, Door Openers, Driving Aids, Fitness Equipment, Lift Chairs, Patient Lifts, Pool Lifts, Ramps, Rehab Equipment, Scooters, Scooter Lifts, Standing Frames, Stairway Lifts, Walkers, Wheelchairs & Wheelchair Lifts. The balance of your training will be spent on Marketing.

The Discovering Mobility Groups signature solution to DME is our ability to determine what equipment will work for a person dealing with a disability and what will not. In many cases even advising the doctors that write the prescriptions as to what would be the best equipment for the patient.



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