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Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2013 8:49 AM
Subject: Love My Lexus Light!




This is just a note to let you know how much I love my Lexus Light. 


My Lexus Light (by Tzora) is everything I had hoped for, and then more.  It is so easy to assemble that I can unload the Lexus light from the trunk of my car and assemble it, battery and all, in well under two minutes.  The reverse  process is just as easy and just as fast. 


I  use my Lexus Light to do away-from-home activities I have been unable to do for years: extended bird watching and bird photography with my wife (where paths are firm), walking our dog, and visiting museums.  It is great to do these things again.


As a test I rode my Lexus Light round-trip across the Vilano bridge in Florida, a fairly steep round-trip of two miles (see photo).  I stopped on the steepest part, then found the Lexus Light was able to continue on from a stop without any problem.  Impressive!


I opted for lithium-ion batteries, which charge in about two hours, and which weigh just a couple ounces over six pounds each.  I carry a spare, and when the first battery runs out of power on a birding trip I have the other for use to get back to my car.


My current Lexus Light is at our small townhouse in Florida; based upon our experience with the Lexus Light, we will buy a second one for use around our Massachusetts home.


Furthermore, the purchase process was made easy for me by a very knowledgeable and helpful salesperson, plus a very informative website. 


Thank you, Discover My Mobility!


Dick Shirley, 

Massachusetts and Florida












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