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P-Lift Series Wheelchair Lift

The P-Lift Series Wheelchair Lift Is Now Americas Favorite Wheelchair Lift with a 850 pound capacity and the ability to lift up to 50, 60 or 72 inches. The P-Lift-Series will give you back your freedom providing access to the world as well as to areas you were never able to gain access to before.

The P-Lift-Series is one of the smoothest & reliable wheelchair lifts available when installed and adjusted to factory specifications.

By utilizing a screw design the P-Lift-Series wheelchair lift is inherently safe and you are not exposed to the safety issues that chain driven lift are exposed to.

Residential porch lifts are a simple, affordable solution for creating easy home access. Even a few steps can be a large barrier to someone with limited mobility. A P-Lift-Series  Residential Wheelchair Lift is designed for indoor or outdoor use to provide a safer home environment and a better quality of life.

The P-Lift-Series residential wheelchair lift is equipped with a keyed ignition lockout so individuals & children can not use the lift when you do not want them using it.

The P-Lift-Series also has a emergency stop button and a second keyed locking panel for access to controls.

The P-Lift-Series is the only platform lift with three target buttons for up as well as three target buttons for down, this gives a disabled user a far greater range and ability to operate the lift themselves without the need of a aid or 2nd individual to activate the lift.

The 90 Degree platform option (Shown To The Left) Allows users to turn left or right to exit once they enter the lift. The standard orientation is a straight through. Meaning you enter from one side and go straight through exiting the opposite side once lifted.
The P-Lift-72 option allows users to travel a full 72" or 6' (six feet)

The 72 option is also reversible allowing the tower to be placed on either side and as with the 50 or 60 model the 72 has a upper limit switch that once adjusted will stop the lift perfectly where you need it automatically every time.

Constant Pressure Operation for safety
Up to 850lb weight capacity
8 ft/min travel speed
Total Travel: 50 inch
Synchronous Geared Belt Drive with Brake
Screw Design
Durable Powder Coated Steel Construction
1 x 110 VAC Single Phase, 15A power required
Platform Size: 34in (Wide) x 54in (Long)

Keyed Lock Out
Emergency Stop Button
Solid Diamond Plate Platform
Solid Hand Wall
Upper & Lower Limit Switch
Up & Down Button X 3
(for increased target area)
Reversible Platform & Automatic Ramp
(Click Here) To Watch A Slide Show Showing Any & All Configurations. The P-Lift-Series Now Will Accommodate Any Orientation Or Configuration Needed.

Note: The 90 Degree Access Option is only available when ordering the P-Lift-Series & not available when ordering the P-Lift-70.



Lifting Capacity 850 lb
Standard Lift Height 50"
Drive System Screw Drive
Constant Pressure Platform Control Yes
Emergency Stop Platform Control Included
Platform Type Solid with Non-Skid Coating
Straight Through Platform Size 34" x 54"
Straight Through Lift Footprint 48" x 54"
90 Degree Access Platform Size 40" x 54"
90 Degree Access  Lift Footprint 54" x 54"
Platform Configuration Straight-Thru Access
Optional Platform Configurations Same Side Entry-Exit
Grab Rail Included
Maximum Stops 2
Lift Speed (FPM) 8
Tower Dimensions 80 3/4" Tall X 32 1/4" Wide X 13" Deep
Complete Install Video P-Lift-Series Assembly Guide.mp4
Electrical Schematic Electrical Diagram






P-Lift-Series Wheelchair Lift

P-Lift-Series Wheelchair Lift was designed and engineered for home use. It's easy to operate easy to install with the ability to reverse the tower an fold down ramp to either side and is virtually maintenance free. Every safety detail has been carefully designed into the P-Lift-Series including a non-slip platform, constant pressure switches, a low platform for easy roll-on/roll-off, safety barrier and railing, and rolled edges.

The P-Lift-Series Wheelchair Lift is a sturdy enough to lift and lower up to 850 pounds and will accommodate electric wheelchairs and scooters. Running on a Threaded Screw rather then a gear box and chain, the P-Lift-Series Wheelchair Lift will provide a smooth and reliable up and down ride, requiring little maintenance. All mechanics are fully enclosed, yet easy to access through the rear or front of the housing unit. The P-Lift-Series Wheelchair Lift completely weatherized and attractively finished in extremely resilient & durable Off White Color.



Shipped fully assembled with the exception of bolting on base, hand wall & safety ramp the P-Lift-Series Residential Wheelchair Lift installs in 5 easy steps.

The P-Lift-Series Vertical Home Wheelchair Lift is the economical and practical answer to stair barriers.





  • The Vertical Home Lift P-Lift-Series has a one year warranty against defective parts.
  • Powered with a 110 volt AC current, by a HP motor
  • The toggle control switches with a tamperproof key lock switch are on a low voltage system, for safe operation
  • Power drive system is all weather(-30 - l20 degrees)
  • Heavy duty worm drive gear box with heavy duty Worm Gear (No dangerous lifting chain)
  • 36 inch high side guard rail
  • Hand crank for manual operation
  • Adjustable limit switches
  • Automatic access ramp and roll stop
  • Non slip platform
  • Capacity - 850 pounds
  • Standard lifting height 50 inches.


The P-Lift-Series Vertical Home Wheelchair Lift Uses a screw rather than a lifting chain. Lifting chains can be very unreliable where as a driving screw delivers a smooth reliable transfer from one level to the next.

  It is easy to see why the P-Lift-Series residential wheelchair lift is Americas favorite Wheelchair Lift with a weight capacity of 850 lbs keyed lock out, emergency stop button, solid diamond plate platform, solid hand wall, upper & lower limit switch, up & down button X 3 (for increased target area) and reversible platform & automatic ramp. The P-Lift-Series wheelchair lift was designed to easily reverse the tower to any side your application requires and is easy to install. Also the P-Lift-Series is used in any environment indoors and out. Used in 40 below weather in Alaska and holds up to the harsh environment of salt water from the ocean in Florida the P-Lift-Series is sure to meet your needs.
The P-Lift-Series wheelchair lift has a upper limit switch that allows it to be set to stop perfectly at the same height every time.

Also the P-Lift-Series has many safety redundancy systems well known in aviation or air craft. Then engineers responsible for the design of the P-Lift-Series have applied the same application to the P-Lift-Series for example the secondary upper limit arm that would stop the lift from over riding at the top in the event the 1st one failed.

  Once again the engineers applying a secondary or redundancy to the lower limit switch using a gate to make it 99.89% effective.



The P-Lift-Series Vertical Home Lift is one tough, safe, affordable lift.


The Image Below Will Change Automatically Show You All Orientations & Configurations.



P-Lift-Series Wheelchair Lift

P-Lift-Series Wheelchair Lift
Qty: Price: $3958.

Please Select Lifting Height:
50 Inch Lifting Height Standard No Added Charge
60 Inch Lifting Height Add $498.
72 Inch Lifting Height Add $898.

Please Select Configuration:
Straight Through Access N/C
90 Degree Access $541.

Wireless Transmitter:
No Thank You
Wireless Transmitter

All Weather Nylon Cover:
No Thank You
All Weather Nylon Cover

Level Gage Indicator:
No Thank You
Level Gage Indicator Both Vertical & Horizontal

Manual Crank Override Ratchet & Socket:
No Thank You
Manual Crank Override Ratchet & Socket

Leveling Caulk:
No Thank You
Leveling Caulk

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Standard Ground 5 To 7 Days Freight
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Porch Platform Lift


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