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Rising Floor Ramp – Model LU6

Rising Floor Ramp (LU6)

Rising Floor Ramp - Model LU6

Lift-U® has developed a fold-out style ramp that features a Rising Floor. When the ramp is rotated to the ramp position, the “Rising Floor” is elevated to vehicle floor level and provides a smooth transition from the rising floor to the vehicle floor, eliminating the objectionable pocket edge. When stowed the floor surface of the fold-out ramp is flush with the vehicle floor.


  • Passive Design – Automatic
  • Emergency Operation – Quick, easy, manual manipulation with little lifting force. Ramp can be stopped and held in any position.
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Electric Powered 24v DC (No Hydraulics)
  • Total Weight, approx. 200 lbs.
  • Load Tested with 1800 lbs.
  • Gaps in floor when deployed – minimal
  • Hinge Knuckles between Ramp & Bus structure – eliminated


  • Clear width at ramp surface – 30 Inches Minimum.
  • Cycle Time (Stow or Deploy) Nominal 24 Seconds
  • ADA & FTA Guideline compliant










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