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Fully Enclosed Vertilift - View more photosPerfect for condiminiums or beach homes, our Fully Enclosed Vertilift has a full enclosure for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is constructed to meet the Florida state wind load requirement and carries the same five year warranty as with our other products.

The Fully Enclosed Vertilift saves you from having to build a shaft for the Vertilift if one is required.







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Customer, or customerís contractor, shall be responsible, at the customers expense, for the
following prior to the commencement of work by the elevator contractor.

1) Finished hoistway plumb within 1/2 inch from top to bottom, and conforming to the dimensions indicated on the layout drawings provided. All walls and side members must be square and extend from pit floor to the ceiling of the shaft. Inside surface of the hoistway must be flush. Interior of hoistway and doors should be finished prior to the installation of the lift. Hoistway must be constructed in accordance with ASME A18.1 and all state and local building code requirements

2) Adequate supports shall be provided for fastening the lift as indicated on the layout drawings. Supports must withstand rail forces indicated. The elevator contractor is not responsible for the structural design of the building and its ability to support the elevator loads and/or reactions.

3) Where wood frame construction is used, tripled 2" x 6" on each side of inserts, spaced as indicated on the layout drawings, and extending the full height of the hoistway are recommended. Please consult the project architect for design specs.

4) For masonry walls, the wall must be designed to support the loadings of the lift.

5) Total travel distance from finished bottom floor to finished top floor must be held within 1" of that shown on the layout drawings.

6) Overhead clearance: (top floor to underside of hoistway ceiling or obstruction) to be maintained per the layout drawings. If any of the shaftway dimensions cannot be achieved, contact the factory for alternate arrangements.

7) a poured pit conforming to the dimensions indicated on the layout drawings must be provided. The pit must be designed for the impact load indicated and must be dry and level from wall to wall.

8) A sump pump and sump pump hole with cover is recommended in the pit area where water seepage is encountered. If a sump pump is furnished, coordinate location with the elevator contractor.

9) All screens, railings, steps, and ladders as required for a legal hoistway.

10) Barricades outside all hoistway openings for protection shall be provided and installed by the general contractors.

11) 3'0" x 6' 8" swing doors, with 1 1/2 hour fire rating, with stainless hall stations, to be provided as standard equipment and installed by general contractor. Door closers or spring-loaded hinges are included.

12) Clearance between hoistway door and sill must not exceed 3" , nor 5" between hoistway door and car gate per ASME A17.1

13) All wall patching, painting, and grouting by others.

14) The main disconnect shall be located within sight of the lift on the first level, outside the lift shaft.

15) A 120v, single phase, (20AMP @ 1HP) service, with neutral, to a lockable safety disconnect switch fused with time delay fuses (15 AMP) shall be furnished in accordance with N.E.C. A normally open electrical interlock contact is required in the switch for battery isolation.

(1 horsepower source for single phase heavy-duty switches(or equal): square "d" CAT.#H22LN, electric interlock EIK-031. ITE CAT.#SN-321, electrical interlock #SC-3. Cutler hammer cat. #DH221NGK, electric interlock #DS200EK1.)








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