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The 1501 will raise the user into standing position with a touch of a button. The 12 volt power lift system comes with a convenient on-board charger and a retractable power cord. The 1501 comes standard with the padded safety gate, which closes behind the user once standing. Also standard is the wheel kit. The wheel kit consists of 4 locking caster wheels (5�) which makes it easy to move the frame between each use and also makes a handy transfer device. When the user is standing in it, the frame is easy to move on all hard surface floors which can make for an easy transfer from the Stand Aid to wheelchair or bed. Optional support pads such as back, lateral, hip, upper chest and head can be added as needed. The frame will accommodate users from 4�2� � 7� and up to 400 pounds.

Frame Width :
28 1/2"
Frame Opening
(inside dimensions:

Standard Frame: 24 1/2"
- Add Caster Brackets: 25 1/2"
Wide Wheel Kit: 27 1/2"
- Add Caster Brackets: 29 1/2"

Standard Knee Pad Width:
15" (Height Adjustable)
Wide Knee Pad Width::
17" (Height Adjustable)
Plexi-glass Table:
20" X 12 5/8"
Weight Capacity:
400 Pounds
� Wheel Kit and Safety Gate are Standard Equipment
� Safety Gate Extension (Increases room to stand for larger users)
� Back Support
� Lateral Supports
� Hip Supports
� Upper Chest Support
� Head Support
� Wide Opening
� Wide Knee Pad (height adjustable)
� Wide Lift Arms
� Caster Brackets (increases frame opening with wheel kit by 1 1/2�)
� Elevated Floor (For users under 5' tall)
� Lift Slings:
- Standard (ordered to size)
- Adjustable Sling (small or large)
- Adjustable Sling with Velcro Belt and Leg Straps (small or large)
- Solid Sling (padded)
� Left/Handed Frames
- (Right/Handed Standard)


Adult and Pediatric Standing Frames from Stand Aid of Iowa. Portable standers and standing frames for all ages.


Model 1501 standing frame with power lift. Stand Aid 1501 Stander.


Model 1501 uses an electric lift generated by a 12 � volt battery to gradually lift the user into a standing position.  The lift is operated by a toggle switch which can be mounted on either side of the unit and includes a convenient on board charger.  This frame is equipped with four locking-caster wheels making it very easy to move between uses. 


Model 1501 standing frame uses an electric lift generated by a 12 � volt battery to gradually lift the user into a standing position.  The lift is operated by a toggle switch which can be mounted on either side of the unit and includes a convenient on board charger.


Caster Brackets: The Caster Bracket option is designed to give another 1� of width between the wheel kit option, simply by placing the caster wheels on the outside of the caster wheel brackets.

Retail price $40.00



Safety Gate Extension: The Safety Gate Extension option is designed to move the Safety Gate back away from the user. This option is mainly used when the Safety Gate can not be closed or when the Safety Gate is closed and one of the pads can not be placed behind the user.

Retail price $40.00


Solid and Adjustable Slings: The Solid sling is designed for user that have trouble with the standard sling or do not feel comfortable with the open sling. Retail price $38.00

The Adjustable Sling option is designed for multiple users of the standing frames. Mainly used is facilities.

Retail price $80.00



Extra Wide Lower Side: The Extra Wide Lower Side option is designed to widen the frame base of the Stand Aid to accommodate wider wheelchairs, scooters, and front wheel drive electric wheelchairs.

Retail price $272.00



Back Support: The Back Support option will add support to the upper back by strapping the user to the pad and helps hold the user into place. The option will move up and down , also in and out for proper adjustment. The Back Support does require the purchase of the Safety Gate option.

Retail price $100.00



Lateral Support: The Lateral Support option is designed to help hold the user into place from left to right if there is lack of trunk control. This option can be slide up and down, in and out both forward and side to side.

Retail price $130.00



Upper Chest Support: The Upper Chest Support is designed to help a user that has a tendencies to fall forward over the table chest pad. This option will adjust up and down, also in and out.

Retail price $100.00


Extra Long Joystick Mount: The Extra Long Joystick Mount option is designed to place the joystick of the Stand Aid 1503 model closer to the middle of the table making it easier to reach for some users.

Retail price $25.00



Stand Aid Power Standing Frame 1501

Stand Aid Power Standing Frame 1501

Caster Brackets $40.
Safety Gate Extension $40.
Solid Sling $38.
Adjustable Sling $80.
Extra Wide Lower Side $272.
Back Support $100.
Lateral Support $130.
Upper Chest Support $100.
Extra Long Joystick Mount $25.
$100. Instant Rebate Now!

Standard Ground
Three Day Air $289.




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