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Dear Discover Your Mobility,


I can not say enough about my Lexis Light Scooter. I have taken it with me on four trips already. The Grand Canyon, The Everglades, The Hawaiian Islands and Spain. I never felt like I was a burden to anyone not my family or the airlines staff. I must say the airlines actually welcomed it stating they had never seen such a portable scooter. Even taxi drivers did not hesitate to fold it and place in the truck with the other baggage. I am so happy with its performance that I now use it every day as my main scooter and leave my heavy non reliable Pride scooter in the garage.

I must say your Lexis Light has changed my life giving me back the freedom I had lost. My whole family has ask me to tell you thank you as they can see I am happy once again.

So on behalf of myself and my entire family "THANK YOU" I truly hope you know what you done for me.


June Sumner
Boca Raton Florida













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