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I would like to let you know that since purchasing the Lexis Light I have been able to get around my apartment better, and I can also manage to carry it down the stairs in my building. It is so light and easy especially since I can disassemble the lightweight parts it makes it a lot easier.


When I travel it fits right in the trunk of my car or even my friends cars when I am riding with them, which came in handy when they drop me off at the airport. Usually I have to be pushed by airport personnel in a wheelchair, but now I can take time and look around the airport girt shops and food courts, I was even able to drive right up to the planes gates with no trouble at all. You should have seen their faces at the airport when I folded up my Lexis and it became the size of a suitcase.


The great part was the fun I had with my grandchildren on this trip, not only did they love the wagon I got them, I was able to pull them in it. The looked like a little train going down the street.


I will never leave home with out it.



Larry Benefield








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