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Dear Discover Your Mobility:


I feel like I have become a salesman for the Lexis Light.  While on a recent cruise from Quebec to Fort Lauderdale, I was repeatedly asked, both on the ship and on shore, who sold the scooter and how much it sold for.  There was no other scooter on the ship like the Lexis Light.



I have to say that without the scooter, I could not have taken the shore excursions in each port of call.  It was also invaluable for getting around on the ship.  You will note from the pictures that since it didnít come with a horn, my friends bought me a rubber duck that quacks.  That got a lot of smiles and promoted questions about the unit.

Seeing the other scooters onboard the ship, people were impressed by the stability of the Lexis Light versus a single pose seat that they all had.  It was also great for going up or down some of the ramps to take the shore excursions.  When the only ramps available were with steps, crew members easily carried the scooter to the dock for my use.  Similarly, getting on and off the ships tenders when we did not dock in a port was really easy and convenient.  The ships crew could readily lift the scooter on and off the tender boat.

I would also like to say that having this scooter sure makes it easier to get from the curb t the airplane door at the airport.  The airplane baggage handlers are always amazed that the unit folds up so compactly and is not heavy.

I am very pleased with my Lexis Light. 

I would also like to express a special thank you to Mike Woods for all of the assistance and service that he gave me in selecting this scooter.


Sincerely yours,

David Forgie









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