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Eric Golfer,


Dear Gentlemen:

After receiving your Lexis Light Scooter I am most happy to send in a testimonial as well as some photos I took on my trip as stated below.

Last month my wife and I went to Disney World at Orlando FL from our home at Palm Desert CA. Since I have difficulty with my balance and cannot walk any distance we determined that The Lexis Light scooter would be very helpful to give me mobility while on this trip. On the airplane trip to and from Florida I was able to ride the scooter all the way up to the planes entrance and then I was returned my scooter at the door of the plane upon exiting. It seemed to me that this scooter is just as easy to get on an airplane, as it is to get into a car. While at Disney World I used the scooter continually to tour the park as well as get around the hotel. My Lexis Light scooter performed admirably and received many favorable comments. In no way could I have gotten around so easily without the Lexis. I also used my scooter to visit the everglades, riding on the paths to view the wildlife. This was the first large trip I have taken my scooter on and I will not hesitate to take it with me again in the future.


Yours truly,

Eric Golfer








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