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Testimonial From Beverly Meier

Feb 19th 2012



As an eighth grade teacher with Parkinson’s disease, characterized by difficulty walking, the Easy Travel Lexis Light, from Discover Your Mobility, helps me to get around school with ease. Dubbed “Harriet the Chariot” after the long-lived tortoise of Australia fame, students accept my novel method of navigating the crowded hallways during a typical school day. On field trips, students tend to grumble (good naturedly) about walking, and have been heard to wish for their own mobility carts—as I ride and they walk along with me.

Thankfully “Harriet the Chariot” has allowed me to continue to teach earth science—a job that I love—for another year. “Harriet” symbolizes perseverance—an apt metaphor for a determined, earth science teacher since tortoises have existed before dinosaurs populated earth over 300 Million years ago.

According to legend, Charles Darwin took Harriet the tortoise from the Galapagos Islands to Australia when she was five years old. A true survivor, the grand old turtle lived for 176 years, most recently in Steve Irwin’s Australian zoo.

Like the tortoise “ Harriet the Chariot” does not sprint but reliably glides to her destination. My colleagues are amazed that Harriet retains her battery charge for an average of two weeks. I am amazed by the ease of operation—small turning radius, smooth ride, and durability.

The Easy Travel Lexis Light allows me to continue working, provides transportation while shopping or touring museums, and makes visiting family in other cities much more convenient, providing transportation through the maze of airport ramps and skywalks, to and from gates for departing flights.

Beverly Meier










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