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Dear Mr. Woods,

The two Lexis Light Scooters arrived in time for our cruise around the Hawaiian Islands.

My husband and I are both handicapped and we needed the help getting around on these large cruise ships. The Lexis Light was the perfect choice. They proved to be easy to drive and were small enough to maneuver the small corridors of the ship.

We had to leave our scooters outside the cabin, but all we had to do was snap off the batteries, take them into the stateroom for charging overnight. It was so easy.

We had to make a last minute run to Longs Drug Store from the ship before it left port. It was eight blocks through two signals. We rode our Lexis Lights to the store, shopped, and then back to the ship. No charging was necessary other than the overnight charging.

Our friend was able to fit two suitcases, a tote, plus the two Lexis Light Scooters into the Trunk of her car. We had to take both scooters apart, but it was easy because they are lightweight.

These are the perfect answer for us. We canít walk far, but are not ready for wheelchairs YET!


Mary Hoffman






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