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Donald Stolts


One of the smartest purchases I have made in recent years was the acquisition of the Lexis Light Scooter, which greatly increased my mobility.


Prior to purchasing the scooter my travel freedom was somewhat limited. I was using a standard wheelchair, which presented several problems. The wheel chair was bulky, heavy and difficult for my wife to load and unload from back of our van. Also using the wheel chair meant my wife was tied down to pushing me anywhere we wanted to go.


The purchase of my new scooter solved these major problems and improved my mobility to the point that we are able to get out and around more than we did in the prior years. The Lexis Light scooter easily breaks down in to manageable pieces, which my wide can easily lift in and out of the van. Also when we are out she is not bound to me by having to push me around. With my Lexis Light I can, and do, manage to get around on my own with the freedom to go where I want without the necessity of having a pusher with me at all times.


The scooter also gives more freedom to travel across rougher terrain than was easily possible with the wheelchair. Travel across grassy areas like parks and fields is somewhat difficult with a wheelchair but is easily managed with the Lexis Light. I can now comfortably get around my own yard, which was not always possible in the wheel chair.


I would recommend the Lexis Light scooter to any one that needs a good lightweight scooter.


-Donald Stolts









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