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Hi Tracy,
        Although I have a larger four wheel scooter I find the Lexis Light scooter perfect for traveling and shopping.  Many times, when I've been in public places, people have come up to me to ask about the scooter.  They were amazed at how easily it folds up and down and how light it was.  I gave them your website so they could contact you. Below is the testimonial and I have also attached  a couple of photos of me on the scooter.





Because of my Discover Your Mobility scooter, I have been able to enjoy vacations from Florida to the Alaskan coast.  Airlines can easily accommodate this portable scooter with its dry cell batteries.  After I use it to actually board the plane, they stow it below with the baggage and then have it waiting for me when I disembark.  And once at my destination, its small size and light weight make it a practical solution for getting about.  It easily fits in the trunk of a taxi or rental car, maneuvers well down narrow restaurant aisles, and takes minimal storage space in a hotel room.  Whether touring on an Alaskan cruise, or enjoying e boardwalk at the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in Naples, Florida, my scooter has always been reliable and convenient transportation.



Doug and Jane Laurencelle






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