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Marianne Hubner


Dear Customer Service,

 My Lexis Light has given me back my independence. I can no go to malls, join my grandchildren in their outdoor activities, and best of all I can travel without any assistance. I have taken my “Lexis” to Europe, Las Vegas, and Florida. Because of the size and weight, the airlines have no problem with taking this scooter on board. I can even drive it all the way up to the gate before I have to disassemble it for carry on purposes. Everywhere I go, including Europe, people stop me to ask me about my scooter. I have distributed all of the business cards that I had received from Planet Mobility and I love telling people about my Lexis since I feel it is a great asset for the handicapped. The size and weight make the Lexis very easy to put in the trunk of a car or a taxi when traveling. I can even do this on my own which makes me very impendent.  Another great feature is how comfortable this scooter is, I can sit in it for hours without discomfort. I highly recommend the Lexis Light to any one who is looking to be more mobile and independent.


Marianne Hubner
170-21 Lithoinia Ave.
Flushing New York 11365








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