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Marjory A Bland



 I received your letter on January 13th,and thought that you might be interested to know that wherever I go on my Lexis Light Scooter someone ALWAYS remarks about it… whether I am at a Wal-Mart or at our local mal. In fact the last time I went to the Capital City Mall, I chanced upon a man who was sitting (looking kind of dejected) on a regular wheelchair. As I was getting close to him I told him that he should have one of these. He smiled and said that he was just thinking the same thing, and continued to ask where I got it, was it expensive, and so on. So my son and I told him of our very pleasant experiences, that it actually folds up and fits in the trunk, that it is easily lifted and put together for me to use and all of the other interesting facts about the Lexis Light. My son got the mans phone number and called him when we got home to give him your 800 number. Sure hope he was able to get his but this time and is able to go shopping with his wife instead of sitting outside waiting for her.


If you have business cards you can send me Id be happy to pass them out when people inquire about my Lexis. Thanks for your offer and your scooter.


-Marjory A Bland







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