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Don L. and Barbara E. Buckel


Tel 619 / 443-5221  -
8419 Vista del Cajon Pl.  Lakeside, CA 92040

Dear Discover Your Mobility,

To whom it may concern,

  We purchased a Lexis Light Scooter from your firm, with the intent of taking it on our 50th anniversary cruise.  My wife has a serious difficulty walking any distance at all, and this seemed to be the answer to our concerns.  We had some hesitation as to whether or not we would be able to take the scooter on the plane and the cruise ship.  We were assured however, it would not be a problem, so long as a Disability [Handicapped] Card could be produced.
We were received and treated very graciously by the Airlines, who allowed the scooter to be ridden right up to the door of the aircraft.  At that point they it carried down to the cargo area.  We had a change of aircraft, mid flight, but upon arriving at our destination in Florida, they brought the scooter up to the door of the aircraft. There was another person with a scooter, on that flight, as well.  


Our experience on board the cruise ship was greatly enhanced by the fact that my wife had the use of this wonderful “Personal Mobility Scooter.”  As the ship was 950 feet long, and the amount of walking was tremendous, she had the “Run of the ship,” and could “Do it all” with joy.  At no time were we made to feel uncomfortable by any other passenger or crew member, because of our scooter – on the contrary, everyone was quite accommodating and gracious. 

We had reserved a Cabin for the handicapped, therefore it’s doors were extra wide, and there was plenty of space in the cabin to turn it around and park it.

The only confusion, on the entire trip, was “How the scooter was to be used, or otherwise stored,” when we would take the tour bus.  There is no place to temporarily park it on board – so what to do?  They finally said, we could park it at the foot of the gangway, remove the battery and leave that with security on the ship.  But that too proved to be no problem, as we were able to take it with us on the tour buses, stowed in the huge luggage compartment underneath.  In Aruba, and again in another Mexican Port, my wife rode the scooter all around the town.

Without a doubt, this Scooter made all the difference in the world for my wife, for she was able to fully enjoy the trip.  We saw so many elderly seniors, who were unable to do ten percent of the things we did, because of their inability to walk.  Many of them asked about our scooter, and we were happy to recommend it.  And we told several of them where they could get a folding scooter just like it. 

Would we buy this scooter again?  Yes, in a heartbeat.


Don and Barbara E. Buckel

Lakeside, California.






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