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   I am pleased to be able to provide this letter and photo in support of the Lexis Light.  I hope that my ringing endorsement will help convince other men and women with mobility problems to buy one. It is a product that exceeded expectations.



I heard about the Lexis Light from a happy owner that I introduced myself to at an airport in November 2012.  I bought it on the Internet in December and was pleased from Day 1 by the service that you provided. 


The scooter has provided me the essential transportation capability that I need to keep going after the weakness that polio and age did to my legs.  I had just about stopped traveling. I could not cope with airports, hospitals or large buildings.

The scooter worked wonderfully on and off a cruise ship in December, days after it was delivered. I learned how to open even the heavily spring-loaded doors that you find in hotels and on the ship.

As a retired aerospace engineer, I am impressed with the excellent engineering that went into its design. As with an aircraft, it is essential to keep weight down while still providing strength enough to carry a big load. The structural design of the frame does that. The seat is so comfortable that I prefer to stay on the scooter rather than transferring to the seats provided at airport terminals.

Because the scooter disassembles and reassembles so easily into three components that I can lift, I can travel alone in my small van, unload it and ride directly to and from the aircraft, itself. Disassemble, have the ground support people treat the three tagged parts like a baby carriage and stow carefully. Reverse the process at the destination and ride away.

My photo does not show it, but I have found that I can sling a carry-on bag strap around the back of the seat and put a full size garment bag in front of me and not overload the high torque motor, even going up and down ramps and jetways. The battery is so easy to install people donít believe it. So far, it has given me far more range than I need before recharging. 

I have already purchased a second scooter to give to an assisted living facility and continue to recommend it to men and women who stop me on my travels. Travels that I would not be making without the scooter.  I have used it in City Hall, jury duty, hospitals, convention centers, restaurants and hotels. Thanks to the ADA, ramps are almost always available.  If they are not, I can easily lift the scooter over most curbs and single steps.

P.S. I am attaching two photos; the original and one that crops out the man next to me, but includes my wife.  They will print out well in color. I can send you prints, if you need them.  The photo shows how I can sling my collapsible cane, and permits the reader to see the name on the battery. 






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