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My wife and I love to live an active life, but for the past few years MS has limited my ability to walk and stand.  Lexis Light has opened doors for me I never thought possible.  Itís given me freedom to do things with my wife that we havenít done in years.

When we visited our favorite art museum with the Lexis Light, I was astonished to learn that the museum was twice as large as I had thought!  In the past, I could never see as much of the museum as I wanted.  I had to sit down while my wife looked at the exhibits.  With the Lexis Light, I explored the entire museum in one visit! 


Seeing the King Tut exhibit was something we had dreamed of for years.  That would have been out of the question for me before Lexis Light.  Crowds, long lines, steep and lengthy ramps would have been impossible for me.  With Lexis Light, I had no trouble at all.  I could even pull my Lexis Light right up beside each glass exhibit case and sit as long as I liked, gazing at each exquisite item.  My Lexis Light is so comfortable, I sat all day in complete comfort and ease.  Itís the best seat in the house!


With Lexis Light, my wife and I can go to street fairs, malls, and shopping centers again.  Iím a lifelong baseball fan, but stadiums are very difficult for me.  Watching the New York Yankees win at Yankee Stadium was a thrill made possible by Lexis Light. 

Lexis Light is great for traveling, too.  Itís easy to transport.  Iím planning to take it with me on our upcoming trip to Alaska.  My Lexis Light will make things much easier at the airport and throughout the rest of the trip, too.  Iíll be able to visit the Alaska Sea Life Center and the Alaska Native Heritage Center with the help of Lexis Light.  My wife wants to take a Segway tour of downtown Anchorage, and Iíll be able to follow the group in my Lexis Light.  Walking tours of downtown Juneau and Skagway will now be possible for me thanks to Lexis Light.

We love how easy it is to use Lexis Light.  We just take off the steering column, fold up the seat, and pop it all into the trunk of my Toyota Camry.  People are amazed when they see how easily we can set it up.  Everywhere we go, people ask us about the Lexis Light.  We tell them itís incredibly easy to use and encourage them to get one for any loved one with limited mobility.


Every weekend I say to my wife, ďWhere can we take the Lexis Light this weekend?Ē  Itís amazing the number of new places we come up with.  Lexis Light has made my dreams come true.  Thank you for opening so many doors that were previously closed to me.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share quality time with my wife that I could never do before.  Thank you, Lexis Light!


Donald Florian,






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