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Carlos Reoyo, PE Testimonial



Last June my daughter and her husband invited me to a cruise by the Caribbean Sea.  At the beginning I didnít want to go, not to be a problem for them, but they insisted. So I decided to go and take my Lexis Light with me to see how things were going to be developed. This was the 1st time I was going to use it in a trip.

The 1st day I discovered that there was no problem to get in on or off of the ship because the Lexis Light had enough power to climb the ramps and when going down the ramp it keeps a steady pace. There was also no problems on the ship, in the corridors; restaurants; on the shores and all the other places we visited.  My family and I took all of the tours without worry of my tiring and we also visited all the islands that we found attractive. With out my scooter I would not have been able to do these things. When we would get on busses or in taxis it was funny to see how delighted people were to see how easily I folded and unfolded my Lexis Light. I have included photos of this trip. (Photo taken in ARUBA). The only BIG PROBLEM I have with my scooter is that EVERYBODY wants to drive it as youíll see In the other pictures that I have sent (my grandchild and a friend on the scooter) I

Many Thanks,


Carlos E Reoyo







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