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Myrna Rawdin,


I am responding to your letter with my Lexis Light testimonial. After recovering from a stroke my major disability is the inability to walk any distance. Because I had my scooter with me, I was able to enjoy every aspect of a trip to Hawaii. I drove the scooter through the airports in Philadelphia, Chicago Honolulu. I also drove it to the entrance of the plane when the attendants put it underneath. The outdoor pictures I have enclosed were taken during two of the excursions during our trip. One is at Volcanoes National ark and the other at Lea Life Park. The indoor one shows the 900-foot hallway of the ship. I could never have negotiated around the ship without my Lexis Light. I used it everywhere we went, from restaurants to the pool, to shops, and to explore the decks. Again I just want to thank you for giving me freedom again.



 Myrna Rawdin









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