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Mitchell H Bernstein Testimonial



Dear Discover Your Mobility,

 I am recent amputee and I get around primarily with crutches. I bought a Lexis Light from you in the spring of 2012 with the idea of using it when I want to travel farther than I can comfortably walk. I have added a crutch holder so I can keep my crutches with me when I travel. I have used the scooter at the casinos in Vegas and on the boardwalk of the New Jersey shore. I have used it at two conventions, coming in from the parking lot to the event location and staying on the scooter because the scooter seat was more comfortable than the folding chairs set up for spectators.


I have also used the Lexis Light scooter at work, since I am responsible for maintenance of lockers on four floors of a large urban high school and I could not spend hours “walking” around the building and checking lockers.


What I particularly like about this scooter is that even with only one leg I can quickly and easily take it apart and put it in the trunk of my car without a lift or ramp or other assertive device. It is also fast and easy to remove from the trunk and assemble for use. The heaviest part is the battery and that is less than thirty pounds.


Because the Lexis Light is lightweight and folds up and the airline employees take it from there. When I arrive the scooter is brought right back to the gate of the plane so I can ride back to the baggage claim. I have found the lexis Light scooter to be exactly what I need to help me both at work and at play. Thank you for recommending it! 



Mitchell H Bernstein


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