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Jazzy ZT Zero Turn 8 Mobility Scooter




Zero Turn 8 By Pride

Your mobility has turned a corner with the Zero Turn 8, an innovative scooter equipped with iTurn Technology™, enabling you to maneuver this scooter through small spaces and around tight corners! Plus, enjoy full lighting, plenty of storage and a USB charger.


FDA Class II Medical Device*

Compact Power Scooter for Indoors and Out
Need a power scooter for indoor and outdoor use? Can’t find a power scooter that is compact enough to fit through tight hallways and doors? Looking for a power scooter with a tight turning radius? Well, look no further than the Zero Turn 8! It has a three-wheel turning radius with four-wheel stability, all in one sleek design.
This state-of-the-art power scooter operates like an indoor power scooter with outdoor power capabilities. The Zero Turn 8 is a four-wheel power scooter with iTurn Technology™, which is similar to the turning technology featured on certain riding lawn mowers. It gives your power scooter the capability to pivot around the rear wheels, enabling for turn-on-a-dime action! Easily turn in tight areas like an elevator or a small room in your home.
The Zero Turn 8 power scooter can be quickly and easily disassembled for transportation with feather-touch disassembly, allowing you to disassemble your scooter into five lightweight. Once disassembled, the mobility scooter fits in most vehicles, which makes this compact portable scooter a great option for all of your needs.

The Zero Turn 8 not only comes with a strong sturdy front basket, It also comes with a large rear basket.


Zero Turn 8, now with more storage. Let us help you find that extra storage! Stop over to our accessory page to get a glimpse of our cool add-ons we have for your new power scooter such as: the dual swing-away under seat storage, cup holder, double cane/ crutch holder, rear basket, oxygen holder and so much more!.


Available In Six Awesome Colors.


Fire Opal Red
Green Moonstone
Black Onyx
Pearl White
Sapphire Blue

Zero Turn 8 4-Wheel (Jazzy® Zero Turn) Features:
325 lb. weight capacity
Up to 4 mph
38.25" turning radius
Up to 13.4 miles per charge
Vinyl compact, foldable, molded plastic seat
Dual motors
Standard front basket
Easy-to-grip tiller adjustment knob
iTurn Technology® provides 4-wheel stability with a 3-wheel turning radius
Feather-touch disassembly easily disassembles into 5 lightweight pieces for transport and storage
Charger port located on the tiller lets you conveniently charge your scooter
Delta Tiller with ergonomic wraparound handles lets you operate the scooter with one hand and rest your wrist
CTS Suspension and dual motors provides a smooth, comfortable ride over varied terrain
USB charging port in the tiller lets you charge your smart phone
Full LED lighting package helps you see where you’re going
A standard front basket provides storage
Your choice of six interchangeable color shrouds
*Note Green Moonstone color may appear more silver with hues of green in some lighting
K0899 Power Mobility Device, not coded by DME PDAC or does not meet criteria

*Pride® FDA Class II Medical Devices are designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments
The Craftsmen (2) In (1) 550 XL Carrier's loading ramp is 33" wide by 64" long providing a gradual slope for easy loading of your scooter or wheelchair. A solid position handle on the ramp allows for easy folding and unfolding and tie down straps are included with rubber coated hooks which can be hooked onto any of the 10 tie down holes featured on the 4 1/4" tall ramp sides. The ramp is easily attached even after the carrier has been attached to the vehicle making the installation very easy. The rear of the carrier has 2 reflectors for greater visibility at night.
Zero Turn 8 4-Wheel (Jazzy® Zero Turn)
Weight Capacity
325 lbs.
Front Tire
2"x7" solid
Rear Tires
2.5"x9" solid
Maximum Speed
Up to 4 mph
Ground Clearance
1.4" at motor, 1.5" at anti-tip, 3.5" at side deck
Turning Radius3
Length / Width
45.75" / 20"
Type: Foldable, compact
Weight: 27 lbs.
Material: Black Vinyl
Dimensions: Width: 17", Depth 17"
Weight (w/o Batteries)
120 lbs.
Battery Weight
Battery box 31.5 lbs., batteries 13.5 lbs each
Battery Requirements
(2) 12V deep-cycle, Size: 22 AH
Per Charge Range
13.4 miles at 200 lbs.; up to 11.6 miles at 325 lbs.
Battery Charger
Off-board, 3.5 amp
CTS (Comfort-Trac front and rear suspension)
Weight of Heaviest Piece
48 lbs. (rear section)
Warranty Lifetime limited on frame;
2-year limited on Electronics;
2-Year limited on Drivetrain
1 Varies with user weight, terrain type, battery amp-hour (AH), battery charge, battery condition and tire condition. These specifications can be subject to a variance of (+/- 10%). 2 Tested in accordance with ANSI/RESNA, MC Vol2, Section 4 & ISO 7176-4 standards. Results derived from theoretical calculations based on battery specifications and drive system performance. Test conducted at maximum weight capacity. 3 Due to manufacturing tolerances and continual product improvement, this specification can be subject to a variance of (+ or -) 3%. 4 Battery weight may vary based on battery manufacturer. 5 Includes standard seat weight.

One Full Year In Home Service Limited Warranty.

Your new scooter comes with a full One Year In Home Service Warranty. Stop worrying about who would repair your scooter or how you would get your scooter to them. This warranty has you covered! We will send a trained professional repair technician directly to your home in the event your scooter should need repair. We cover the entire United States. The map below indicates the location of our service affiliates.

Personalize your new scooter. Its Free & Easy, Simply select letter of font style below you like and enter it in the order form along with the name or text you would like to use to personalize your new scooter.




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  We include a Oxygen Tank Holder Free with the purchase of this scooter. This Oxygen Tank Holder will hold most any size tank. The chart shown on the left indicates with a green arrow all tank sizes this tank holder will accommodate.


Also included free are all items listed below.

Pride Zero Turn 8 4 Wheel Portable Scooter

Pride Zero Turn 8 4 Wheel Portable Scooter
Qty: Price: $1939.

Please Select Color:
Fire Opal Red
Green Moonstone
Black Onyx
Pearl White
Sapphire Blue

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High Performance Batteries

Cup Holder:
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Cup Holder

Cane Holder:
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Cane Holder

Arm Bag:
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Arm Bag

Automotive Car Charger:
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Automotive Car Charger

Household Charger:
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Household Charger

Heavy Duty Rear Basket:
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Heavy Duty Rear Basket

Orange Safety Flag:
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Orange Safety Flag

Collapsible Umbrella With Mounting Bracket:
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Collapsible Umbrella With Mounting Bracket

Oxygen Tank Holder:
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Oxygen Tank Holder

Front Basket:
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Front Basket

Heavy Duty Nylon Cover:
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Heavy Duty Nylon Cover

2 Rear View Mirrors:
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2 Rear View Mirrors

Scooter Coach:
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Patented Scooter Coach $287.

Optional Craftsmen XL Carrier:
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Craftsmen XL Carrier $989.

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Pride Mobility Zero Turn 8 Four Wheel Mobility Scooter




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