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Afikim Electric Vehicles

Breeze C3 Mobility scooter
Breeze C3 Scooter Front light Full suspension Rear led light Adjustable seat swivels 360 Adjustable Handle
The new mid size 3 wheel mobility scooter - Breeze C3
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The new and most advanced mobility scooter of its kind, Breeze C3 offers advanced technology, stylish design, and absolute reliability. As the ultimate 3 wheel mobility scooter for urban environments, Breeze C3 enables comfortable maneuverability in shopping centers, narrow passageways, or paved and uneven open areas.

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 Highly reliable in all driving conditions  
 Fully adjustable orthopedic seat swivels 360 for optimal comfort
 Easy to drive and simple to maintain
 Full suspension and shock absorbers ensure a comfortable and smooth drive
 Adjustable handlebars for enhanced driving pleasure




Although without question Afikim has been producing the highest quality mobility scooters recently their has been a FDA recall on 69 units manufactured. This should not discourage consumers from purchasing a Afikim product as the quality remains the highest in the industry.




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Afikim Electric Vehicles Corrects Problem With 69 of Breeze C Scooter


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - September 27, 2013 - On September 27, 2013, Afikim Electric Vehicles initiated a nationwide recall of 69 Breeze C Scooters. The Breeze C Scooter may become unresponsive during operation due to an electrical contact which may fault due to extensive wear, which potentially could result in the driver not being able to stop the scooter during operation except by turning off the ignition key.

There is a Correction in process which has been reported to the FDA concerning this.

Consumers who have Breeze C Scooters should contact the manufacturer at 1-800-809-3010.

Recalled Breeze C Scooters were manufactured from 07/02/2010 to 07/24/2012 and distributed from 09/15/2010 to 07/25/2013.

The following styles have been recalled:

Breeze C, 3 Wheel and 4 Wheel Scooters

Serial Numbers:

10390024  11390060  11490426  12390107  12490181 
10390025  11390061  11490433  12390117  12490182 
10390029  11390069  11490435  12390120  12490183 
10390030  11390074  11490445  12490169  12490184 
10390034  11390095  12390096  12490170  12490185 
10390037  11390101  12390097  12490172  12490186 
10490100   11490111  12390098  12490173  12490187 
10490108   11490147  12390099  12490174  12490188 
10490111   11490176  12390101  12490175  12490189 
10490113   11490189  12390102  12490176  12490190 
10490119   11490277  12390103  12490177  12490191 
10490121   11490304  12390104  12490178  12490192 
10490124   11490305  12390105  12490179  12490193
11390058  11490425  12390106  12490180 

Total Number Recalled is 69.

Products can be identified by their color; the recalled products are either metallic blue or metallic silver. The products have two rear wheels and have either one or two wheels in the front. The scooters have an adjustable swivel seat and a front storage basket; some scooters may be fitted with an optional larger rear basket.

Afikim Electric Vehicles voluntarily recalled Breeze C Scooters after becoming aware of a potential for malfunction. Afikim Electric Vehicles has notified the FDA of this action.

During product testing we became aware of a potential scenario where an internal potentiometer wiper could become disconnected due to extensive wear. If this were to occur the device could continue to drive forward at a slow speed of approximately 2-4 mph and the only way to stop the device would be by turning off the main key switch. The number of scooters affected is 69; no injuries have been reported to date.

Afikim Electric Vehicles is notifying its distributors and customers by telephone and/or email and is arranging for correction of all recalled Breeze C Scooters.

Afikim Electric Vehicles sold Breeze C Scooters to distributors and directly to users in the US. The majority of the scooters were sold in California, other states where scooters were sold were Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Consumers with questions may contact the company via telephone Monday through Friday at 1-800-809-3010 between the hours of 9AM and 5PM (EST). Consumers may also contact the company via e-mail at

Adverse reactions or quality problems experienced with the use of this product may be reported to the FDA.


Discover Your Mobility has found Afikim to address this issue with concern and very effective speed and continue to support Afikim as one of the highest quality manufactures in the world.


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