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AL301XL Extra Large Fusion Lift

Harmar Mobility AL301XL Extra Large Fusion Lift

Overview of the AL301XL Fusion Power Chair and Scooter

The AL301XL is a fully powered lift that rises and lowers with the flip of a switch. This lift will work with large powerchairs and scooters, due to its oversized aluminum deck. The self-tensioning retractors attach to your powerchair or scooter with no need for modifications or drilling, this makes it easy to secure your mobility device to the lift. The AL301XL is a great choice for larger power wheelchairs and scooters with a wheelbase up to 48.


FREE Heavy Duty Mobility Cover!
Accommodates large powerchairs and scooters
Self-tensioning retractors
Fully Powered
Oversized Aluminum Deck
Works with Class III Hitch

Key Specs

Works With Hitch Size: Class III Hitch
Weight capacity: 350 lbs.
Weight: 124 lbs.

Specifications for the AL301XL Fusion Power Chair and Scooter

Lifting Capacity: 350 lbs.

Platform Size: 36"W x 39-53"L
Harmar Mobility's 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Operation Manual or Power: Power
Installed Product Weight: 124 lbs.
Hitch Size/Class Required: Class III
Hitch Height: 5" - 19"



Lifting Capacity 350 lbs

Aluminum Deck Size 36" x 39"-53"
Maximum Scooter Width 35.5"
Max Scooter Wheelbase 48"
Installed Weight 117 lbs
Hitch Height 5" - 19"
Hitch Class III

Owners Manual



Installation Video
Use The Harmar Calculator To Determine The Best Lift For Your Application.


Q: Is this lift compatible with my vehicle?
A: Harmar Mobility's knowledgeable authorized dealers will be glad to discuss your needs and recommend the proper lift for your application.
Q: Is my lift weather resistant?
A: Yes. The lift is designed to be fully weather resistant and designed to withstand outdoor use. The remote hand controls available with some models, however, are not weather resistant and must be removed and stored inside the vehicle.
Q: Can one lift be moved between two different vehicles?
A: While it is possible to move a lift from one vehicle to another, it is not recommended to do so frequently. If two different vehicles will be used often, we recommend having a lift installed on each vehicle.
Q: What maintenance must be performed to keep the lift operating properly?
A: All Harmar Mobility products are designed and tested to operate flawlessly for years of trouble-free use with very little maintenance. Please refer to the Owners' Manual for specific product maintenance schedules.
Q: Can the lift be plugged into the existing wiring on my vehicle?
A: No, all Harmar Mobility lifts must be powered by the supplied electrical harness. The harness has full-length leads that attach directly to the battery.
Q: The lift is powered by my vehicle's battery; what if my car looses power?
A: Many Harmar lifts have standard backup systems that allow them to be moved manually by Harmar Mobility Authorized Dealers and qualified mechanics such as roadside assistance technicians. Harmar Mobility recommends that end users should not attempt to use the manual override feature.
Q: Can I carry both a power chair and a scooter on this lift?
A: Yes, this lift is designed to accommodate either a power chair or a scooter.
Q: How does the lift connect to my vehicle?
A: The lift will be installed onto your vehicle via the vehicles hitch. A hitch is a device that is permanently attached to a vehicle to provide for towing or carrying capabilities. Harmar Mobility does not supply hitches; they can be purchased and installed through a local hitch dealer.
Q: How much weight can a vehicle carry?
A: All trailer hitches are divided into distinct classes and are rated to a specific weight carrying and a weight towing capacity. The COMBINED weight of the lift and power chair or scooter must fall under the weight carrying capacity for the hitch and the vehicle. Your Harmar Mobility Authorized Dealer can assist you in determining the correct weight for your particular application.
Q: My vehicle has a rear hatch or tailgate; will is still be accessible?
A: Harmar Mobility recommends the addition of the Swing Away Option, which allows you to easily pivot an unloaded, folded lift away from the vehicle for clear access to tail and lift gates.
Q: Does the vehicle's suspension need to be strengthened?
A: If the vehicle will accept a Class III trailer hitch, you generally will not need to supplement the suspension. If the vehicle has, or will only accept, a Class II trailer hitch, call a Harmar Mobility Authorized Dealer or a hitch manufacturer for guidance.
Q: How far behind my car will the lift extend?
A: In the folded position, Harmar's Outside Lift Systems extend approximately 12 inches behind the vehicle bumper. The Swing Away option will add approximately two more inches.
Q: My vehicle is tall. Will the lift reach the ground?
A: The standard lift is adjustable to a maximum trailer hitch height of 19 inches. Additional reach is available through an extensive selection of hitch adapter accessories, which can be purchased through your authorized Harmar Mobility dealer.
Q: How is a power chair or scooter secured to this lift?
The lift uses easy to operate retractors on each corner of the platform.
Q: Is a swing Away required for an outside lift?
A: Swing Away is an optional accessory that can be added to all outside lifts. It allows you to easily swing an UNLOADED lift away from the vehicle in order to gain full access to rear cargo areas. In vehicles equipped with lift gates or tailgates a swing away would be required in order to access these rear storage areas.
Q: I already own my lift; can the Swing Away option be added?
A: Yes, a Swing Away may be added at any time.
Q: Can I open the Swing Away with the chair or scooter on the lift?
A: NO. The Swing Away may only be opened when the lift is unloaded and folded position.

Harmar Mobility AL301XL Extra Large Fusion Lift


Harmar AL-301-XL Lift

Hitch Receiver:
Class II Hitch 1 1/4'' Inch Square
Class III Hitch 2'' Inch Square

Make Of Vehicle:

Name Of Scooter/Wheelchair Lifting:

Vinyl Weather Cover: Select One
No Cover
Medium Size Three Wheel Scooter
Large Size Three Wheel Scooter
Medium Size Four Wheel Scooter
Medium Size Four Wheel Scooter

Swing Away Joint:
No Swing Away Joint
Include Swing Away Joint $298.

Standard Ground
Three Day Air $224.


Manual Inside Outside Car Van / SUV Brands

All Auto Lifts

Harmar Mobility AL301XL Extra Large Fusion Lift



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